Show Date Time
The Romeo & Juliet Session Mon 19 Feb 9.45am
The King Lear Session Mon 19 Feb 1pm
The Macbeth Session Tues 20 Feb 9.45am
The Merchant Session Tues 20 Feb 1pm

NB: Our box office is not taking bookings for this event – for booking or other queries please contact Cyclone Rep directly on 021 2355 356 /

Running time for each session: 120 minutes including the Q&A.

Tickets: €15, teachers/SNAs free
Early Bird: €13 when booking paid in full by 20 October 2017.

The Shakespeare Sessions are entertaining and engaging student-centred performances of Shakespeare texts. Each performance includes a scholarly review clarifying the main themes as well as discussions with the students and the opportunity to participate. Cyclone Rep’s Shakespeare Sessions will guide Junior Cert and Leaving Cert learners in their understanding of The Bard’s masterpieces.

The Romeo & Juliet Session

“Cyclone Rep presents an updated version of the tale of star-crossed lovers with new cast, new look and new music! In this show Shakespeare comes to life and directs a group of modern actors in his great romantic tragedy. However, problems arise as Mr. Shakespeare’s XVIth century attitudes and demeanour clash with those of the modern performers. Once again Cyclone Rep introduces students to one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays with stunning performances, historical background, discussion of major themes, audience participation and interaction.”

The King Lear Session

“Following your feedback we’ve created a new session version of King Lear. The new version cranks up the humour as the Cyclone Repertory actors explore the motivations of Lear, Kent, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Gloucester and Edmund with humour, discussion and arguments that focus on the major themes of the play. And as always, the play is performed faithfully to the text with top notch dramatic performances.”

The Macbeth Session

“Come and solve the puzzle that is Macbeth! The mystery and magic of The Scottish Play as you’ve never seen it before! Hecate joins the actors analyzing the bards’ goriest play. A riddle is put forth to the students which, once answered, will aid understanding in how to dissect the themes of bloody Macbeth for their exams”

The Merchant Session

“The Merchant Session is an abridged version of the play and contains, an entertaining scholarly review that clarifies the main themes and topics as well as an invitation for discussion and interaction. The show is an entertaining and informative synthesis of analysis and performance that has the primary goal of helping Junior Cert learners in their understanding of Merchant of Venice while at the same time highlighting what a fine comedy it is.”