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Manny Man Does the History of Ireland on Stage

Based on his series of books and YouTube videos, John D Ruddy brings Manny Man and the History of Ireland to the stage. Watch Syn and Oppy as they plough through Irish history with illustrated cut-outs and craziness!

From the Ice Age all the way to Ireland today and all in less than 90 minutes, with the same tongue-in-cheek humour Manny Man is known for. When it comes to fun history, Manny Man is your only man!

Manny Man Does the History of Ireland on Stage Online - streaming 19 to 25 October 2020

The Morrigan

The Ancient Irish Gods and Goddesses have been roused from their slumber! This clown…ahem…goddess must find a way back to the Otherworld but before she does, she wants to know what on earth has been happening since she last walked it.

First presented for Culture Night 2020, The Morrigan is a high energy show with slapstick comedy suitable for all the family, written and performed by Louise Conaghan.

Louise Conaghan in The Morrigan, performed at An Grianán for Culture Night 2020. Photo by Paul McGuckin.

Sister Black

Catherine Black (1878-1949) MBE, was born in Ramelton. She trained as a nurse in England and worked in the slums of Whitechapel, at the Somme in World war 1, and as King George V’s private nurse in the last 7 years of his life. Her memoir ‘King’s nurse Beggar’s nurse’ was published in 1939 and there’s a copy in the library at Buckingham Palace. This one-woman play is based on that memoir.

She is coming to the end of her remarkable life. She has been exposed to the best and worst of humanity, and has always focused valiantly on forgetting the latter. At last she realises that the past doesn’t go away, and that the only way to forget is to remember.


Original monologues written and performed by An Grianán Youth Theatre’s senior class for their autumn 2020 term.

Little Acorns: Blue Roses

Conspiracies abound in this comedy drama written by Anne Gallagher.

Ronan Carr and Anne Gallagher in Blue Roses, part of An Grianán Theatre's Little Acorns project.

Little Acorns: The Author

Louise Conaghan plays a character demanding better character development from author Laura Douglas.

Laura Douglas in Andrew Tinney's The Author, a short play commissioned by An Grianán Theatre as part of their Little Acorns project

Little Acorns: Online Mass

Mass in the time of Covid – Packie is unimpressed when his wife Kathleen starts to deliver mass at the breakfast table. Charlie Bonner and Cathleen Bradley star in the third of our Little Acorns commissions.

Charlie Bonner and Cathleen Bradley in Online Mass by Seamus McDermott.

Little Acorns: Taster Session

For some life is a rollercoaster, for others it’s a treadmill of discontent. And for Annette? Well, maybe the gym isn’t for her.

Little Acorns: Joss Paper and Roast Duck

In Joss Paper and Roast Duck a man is startled when his wife presents a shopping list – for her afterlife. Written by Eve Li and directed by Karen Quinn.

Little Acorns: The Hug

Written by Michelle Dennehy, The Hug is a tender story about the flights of fancy a little girl and her grandmother enjoy as they play together.

An older woman sits on a box, a younger woman with red hair sits of the floor beside her.

North West Slainte (skating documentary)

Boardering Lockdown is a short documentary about skate boarding in Letterkenny and Derry. It was created for our Lasta Young Curators Festival by Ailis Cross Gorman.

Revved WIP

A short documentary which takes a look at the making of Revved, a new play by local writer and actor Patrick Quinn.

Cormac McCarthy with Micheál Murray

Cormac McCarthy, our musician in residence in July 2021 as part of the Improvised Music Company’s Navigator Jazz Residency is joined by Donegal musician Micheál Murray on alto sax for this concert which was specially recorded for the Earagail Arts Festival.