Donegal! Are you ready for Lexie?

Donegal may never be the same again – a one man tsunami is planning an invasion of Letterkenny!

As an advanced warning to the people of Donegal we are advised to tell you that Lexie is on his way in your direction and like the tsunami he will leave a trail of disruption in his path….. Half reared in the hills of Donegal, Lexie is one of the stars in the forthcoming production of ‘Packie’s Wake‘ which opens in An Grianán Theatre on the 20th October for three nights. But be warned the impact of Lexie is not for the faint hearted as he will confront the audience with his tales of his constant battle with bodily dysfunction and ‘9 wains’. People in Derry call him ‘Lexie Bomb Scare’ as he can empty a room in 20 seconds.

Letterkenny native Paddy Taylor plays Lexie in Eddie Kerr's hit comedy Packie's Wake at An Grianán Theatre October 2016.

Letterkenny native Paddy Taylor plays Lexie in Eddie Kerr’s hit comedy Packie’s Wake at An Grianán Theatre October 2016.

Lexie is the latest character to invade the wake of Packie Pearse Devlin; the well known Derry layabout, part time philosopher and full time drunk. Packie found himself ‘stone dead’ on the first day of the 1994 ceasefire and has been telling audiences all around the world what death is like and what he thinks of the ‘whole carry-on’ since. The last time ‘Packie’s Wake’ played An Grianan Theatre tickets were as hard to find as a Shinner at a DUP comedy night so make sure you have your ticket and don’t let that happen again. Chronic hypochondriac Lexie boasts 37 diseases some not even known to medical science yet and more ailments will appear as he knows how to pronounce them.

By the way the hilarious character Lexie is played by Letterkenny’s own exiled son Paddy Taylor and he brings the house down with his outrageous performance:  ‘I have played some really great comedy characters in my time but I never played anything like Lexie Bomb Scare…. he is such as comic dream for an actor and I can’t wait to introduce the people of Donegal to this ‘character’.. I am sure that my family will be cringing in the front row as I bring Lexie to life on the stage of the An Grianan.. I can’t wait but is Donegal ready for Lexie?  I promise you a absolute treat so don’t miss it!!’

Packie’s Wake
Thur 20 to Fri 22 October at 8pm
Tickets: €20/€16 Book now!

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Waking Packie Again!

Great news for local theatre-goers as after a twelve year absence the sensational play ‘Packie’s Wake’, by Eddie Kerr, makes a long overdue return to Letterkenny.

The Derry based PlayStation Theatre Company present this hilarious play for a three night run at An Grianán from Thur 20th to Sat 22nd October. Last time it was at An Grianán it sold out every performance so don’t leave it too late to book!

Recognised as the most successful play in the history of theatre in Derry ‘Packie’s Wake’ tells the uproarious story of how Packie Devlin through an ironic quirk of fate is allowed to attend his own wake. The poor misfortunate has the opportunity to find out what his family and friends really think of him as he participates in the hysterical play that has become a theatrical masterpiece in black comedy.

Rehearsing for Packie's Wake.

Rehearsing for Packie’s Wake.

According to the Director, Martin Meenan, ‘we have given Packie a spring clean and made more than a few changes to the production and to the personnel but hopefully we have still maintained the overall quality of the play. Packie’s Wake appears to have hit a chord with people, not just here but everywhere it’s played. The play deals with universal themes about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events and deals with impact that death has on this, rather dysfunctional, family. It deals with the sadness attached to the death of somebody’s husband, father and friend but has managed, and I don’t know how, to balance that with the humour associated with our wakes and the social importance that ritual has on the grieving process. We love doing Packie’s Wake as much as audiences love seeing it, and if I am not being too facetious, it almost taken on a life of its own now’.

With Gerry Doherty in the role of Derry’s favourite antihero, Packie Devlin, and Carmel McCafferty as his wife Annie, supported by an extremely talented cast of 15 talented actors you are definitely guaranteed a night to remember.

Packie’s Wake
Thur 20 to Fri 22 October at 8pm
Tickets: €20/€16 Book now!

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Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain

Written by the American playwright Richard Greenberg and nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1998, Three Days of Rain is a humorous and touching play about family and parenthood, and how the private worlds of one generation are reinterpreted by the next.

Considered by many to be one of the finest American plays of recent years, Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain makes its An Grianán debut courtesy of Disappear Here Theatre.

Based in both Dublin and Donegal, Disappear Here Theatre was established in 2016 by Michael McLaughlin, Fiach Kunz and Lisa Tyrrell. Their objective is to create thought provoking, exciting, original work and to present the best of contemporary international writing.

Three Days of Rain

Three Days of Rain is a haunting, clever, humorous and deeply touching drama that explores love, infidelity, fate, genius, madness and how easily we can misinterpret the past.

The first act takes place in an abandoned Manhattan loft in 1995. Walker, who disappeared a year ago following the death of his father Ned Janeway, is reunited with his sister Nan and their childhood friend Pip for the reading of Ned’s will. Walker discovers his father’s journal and as history unravels, questions are asked, dark secrets are revealed and harsh opinions are formed.

In the second act, we are transported back in time to 1960 where the same actors play the role of one their parents; Ned, Lina and Theo. The truth about motives and relationships are revealed as we discover the inspiration behind this architectural dynasty and we find out what really happened during those Three Days of Rain.

About the cast

Michael McLaughlin is an actor who originally hails from Donegal. He completed his training in the Applied Art of Acting programme. Stage roles include Tadhg McCabe in ‘The Field’ and Perchik in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. He has appeared in a number of short films and his second feature film ‘Night people’ was released in Autumn 2015. Michael is also a producer and director; in 2016 he debuted with his short film ‘Atlantic Roar’ which was shot on location in Inishowen, and he is currently in pre-production on ‘The Claw’, a surreal period drama set in a 1980’s video arcade.

Fiach Kunz hails from Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow. Fiach trained at the ‘Applied Art of Acting’ and has just graduated from the Programme at Bow Street Screen Acting Academy. Theatre work comprises of ‘Such Sweet Things’ at Smock Alley and ‘In Arabia we’d all be Kings’ in The Players Theatre. Fiach’s screen work includes over 20 short films such as ‘IRIS’ and ‘Flame Aim’. He has appeared in four feature films, notably ‘LIFT’ (2016) in which he co-starred with Gerard McSorley and ‘Blue Dawn’, which is due for release in 2017. Fiach’s television work includes HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’.

Lisa Tyrrell is a Dublin based actress who completed her training in the Applied Art of Acting in December 2014. Since then, Lisa has continued to develop her craft by taking workshops and studying the acting techniques of Stanislavski and Chekhov. Lisa has appeared in two feature films and a number of short films including, ‘The Sad Ones’, ‘Closing Time’, ‘IRIS’ and ‘Urban Traffic’. Her television work includes ‘Ripper Street’ (Season 4). Lisa played Dr. Campbell in ‘Absolute Beginners’ at Smock Alley Theatre in 2016 and Frankie in ‘RISK’ presented in The New Theatre as part of the 2016 Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

Three Days of Rain
Saturday 8 October 2016 at 8pm
Tickets: €15/€12
Book now!

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Tom Murphy’s masterpiece Bailegangaire

“McIntyre finely captures the essence of this classic” Sunday Times

It’s four years since Druid Theatre Company presented their stunning DruidMurphy project in Letterkenny – featuring Tom Murphy’s plays A Whistle in The Dark and Conversations on a Homecoming – which left local theatre fans in no doubt of Murphy;s status as one of Ireland’s greatest writers.

Now there is an opportunity to see the play that many consider his masterpiece – Bailegangaire. Presented by Livin’ Dred Theatre in association with Nomad Theatre Network, the play centres around Mommo, who tells over and over again a story she never finishes of how the town came to be known as Bailegangaire, the town without laughter.
Dolly and Mary

Mommo is attended by her two granddaughters, Mary and Dolly. The younger women yearn to be free of the past in order to make a new beginning, and Mary comes to believe that to do so the story of Bailegangaire has to be concluded.

Director Paraic McIntyre, who has had a long professional friendship with Tom Murphy says of it:  “the play I have been obsessed with for years.  A play set in 1984, not by chance, but because 1984 is a watermark year in the social conscience of our little country. It’s the year of Ann Lovett in Granard, the Kerry Babies, the year after the toxic abortion referendum. Murphy through his genius captures perfectly the temperature of an entire nation at this time, in this play set in a cottage kitchen in Mayo. Murphy knows and achieves in this symphony, that in order to decipher our identity whether that is national, local or personal we have to come to grips with our own story or history.  A story that is more often than not intertwined with family and a place called ‘home’. We have sometimes to deal with our historic trauma in order to become familiar with the here and now. That is all Mary, Mommo and Dolly is trying to do.”

Patricia McBride, An Grianán Theatre’s Director is the current chair of the Nomad Network which was set up in January 2006 to further the development of the performing arts and extend the parameters of regional, national and international performances available to venues and their audiences. The partnership network set out to encourage more theatre companies both national and international to tour to the regions, to produce high quality theatre and ultimately to enrich and strengthen performing arts practice in the regions and shape the future development of touring.

Nomad Theatre Network in association with Livin’ Dred Theatre Co present
Fri 30 Sept and Sat 1 Oct at 8pm
Tickets: €20/€15
Book now!

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Photo Gallery: Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme

July 1st 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest battles in human history. As part of the commemorations the Abbey Theatre present this major new production of Frank McGuinness’s classic war drama which tells the story of eight soldiers from Ulster and the terrible toil that war takes on them.

This iconic war play is a powerful portrayal of mortality, love and loss.

The play comes to An Grianán for two performances only – Fri 29 and Sat 30 July and is the major drama highlight of our 2016 season. There is local interest too as two of the cast are from Donegal – Sean McGinley and Letterkenny born actor Iarla McGowan, and of course Frank McGuinness is from Donegal.

The following images from the production are by photographer Johan Persson.


OBSERVE THE SONS OF ULSTER MARCHING TOWARDS THE SOMME,              , Writer -  FRANK MCGUINNESS, DIRECTED BY JEREMY HERRIN, Headlong, Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, UK, 2016, Credit: Johan Persson/








Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme is a co-production by the Abbey Theatre with Headlong, Citizens Theatre and Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. Co-presented by the Lyric Theatre.

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On Frank McGuinness

Written by Jessica Traynor, Literary Manager of the Abbey Theatre, the National Theatre of Ireland.

“Frank McGuinness is a playwright of whom Donegal and its people can be truly proud. His work enshrines the Donegal people and landscape at the heart of some of the most vital Irish drama of the past thirty years.”

Hailing from Buncrana, Frank McGuinness is one of Ireland’s foremost playwrights. Frank’s work includes both original plays and adaptations, and engages with themes as various as both World Wars, Ulster loyalism, sectarian violence, the rights of women, the shifting sands of memory, the battleground of family life, and his beloved Donegal.


His first major success was ‘Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme’, produced on the Peacock stage in 1985, and for which he was awarded the London Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright. A passionate and ground-breaking play, it takes as its subject matter a group of young soldiers and their physical and spiritual journey towards the Somme, a cataclysmic event which took place on the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. The play deals with the forging of a new loyalism in the fires of World War I, and also explores the deep bonds between the men which encompass both love and violence.

Recent plays have included ‘Greta Garbo Came to Donegal’, which looks at the unexpected arrival of the mysterious, elegant and incisive Garbo, just as the civil rights movement in the North begins to gather momentum, and ‘The Hanging Gardens.’ The latter again takes Donegal as its setting, with its protagonist, a novelist slowly succumbing to Alzheimer’s, facing a reunion with his divided and competitive family. Themes of memory, history, and patriarchal control are explored in a play both elegiac and savage.

McGuinness has also adapted many classic plays with much success. In 1997, his adaptation of Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ won him a Tony Award, and his 2010 adaptation of that playwright’s ‘John Gabriel Borkman’, starring Alan Rickman, Lindsay Duncan and Fiona Shaw, toured from the Abbey to BAM in New York. His adaptation of James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ delighted Abbey audiences at Christmas 2012. McGuinness’s adaptations demonstrate his keen psychological insight into some of the most intriguing characters of the Irish, European and classical canon, while maintaining the stark lyricism of his own theatrical idiom.

Frank McGuinness is a playwright of whom Donegal and its people can be truly proud. His work enshrines the Donegal people and landscape at the heart of some of the most vital Irish drama of the past thirty years.

* * * * *

Our next Frank McGuinness play is the Abbey Theatre’s production of Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme, produced to co-incide with the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme
Presented by Abbey Theatre, Headlong, Citizens Theatre, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. Co-presented by the Lyric Theatre.
Friday 29 and Saturday 30 July 2016 at 8pm
Tickets: €25/€20
Book now!


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The Birthday Party: Meet the cast

Presented by London Classic Theatre, this production marks The Birthday Party’s first significant touring revival of the twenty-first century. Director Michael Cabot has assembled an excellent cast including West End veteran Cheryl Kennedy and Northern Irish actor Declan Rodgers.

Jonathan Ashley plays Goldberg. For the company, he has appeared in Waiting for Godot, Entertaining Mr Sloane, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Double Inconstancy. His other theatre credits include The Tempest and Hansel and Gretel (Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds), Abigail’s Party, Arsenic and Old Lace, Dick Barton and the Secret of the Pharoah’s Tomb, One for the Pot, Ladies in Retirement, Hay Fever and Salad Days (Southwold Summer Theatre), The Hooligan Clown (Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith), Scapin’s Tricks and The Winter’s Tale (Wimbledon Studio Theatre), Waiting for Godot and The Dumb Waiter (Albany Empire) and Landscape (Finborough Theatre).

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Gareth Bennett-Ryan as Stanley.

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Gareth Bennett-Ryan as Stanley.

Gareth Bennett-Ryan plays Stanley. His theatre credits include The History Boys, Macbeth (Mercury Colchester), Farm Boy (New Perspectives), As You Like It, Macbeth (Shakespeare’s Globe), Generation of Z Apocalypse (Royale Productions), Much Ado About Nothing, Antony and Cleopatra (Cambridge Shakespeare Festival), Dick Whittington, Mother Goose (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds), The Mermaids Curse (SKiP), The Shoemakers Holiday (The Rose) and NewsRevue (2008 Season tour) For television, he has appeared in Shakespeare Uncovered, Word on the Street (BBC), Arthur & Merlin (Movieworks), Woodfalls (Tales from the Motherland), Mercenaries (ABC), 7th Soldier, From This Day (Fireinthehole Productions), Wounded (Bigview Films), Dead Unicorns (Luxurious Dread).

1. The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Gareth Bennett-Ryan as Stanley, Cheryl Kennedy as Meg.

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Gareth Bennett-Ryan as Stanley, Cheryl Kennedy as Meg.

Cheryl Kennedy plays Meg. She has appeared in many West End shows such as the 1967 revival of The Boy Friend,  ‘Victoria’ in Half a Sixpence where she starred alongside Tommy Steele at the Cambridge Theatre, ‘Winnie’ in The Matchgirls, ‘Belinda’ in Jorrocks at the New Theatre and Alan Ayckbourn’s Absent Friends at the Garrick Theatre. In 1977 she appeared as Maggie in Teeth ‘n’ Smiles at the Oxford Playhouse. She starred alongside Michael Crawford in a production of Flowers for Algernon at the Queen’s Theatre and features on the original London cast recording of the show. Other theatre credits include 1776 (New Theatre), Time and Time Again (West End), Absent Friends (Garrick Theatre),  The Mousetrap (St Martins Theatre), My Fair Lady (US tour), First Impressions, You Never Can Tell, Brand,  Time and the Conways, Mrs Warren’s Profession, Moll Flanders, Great Expectations, How the Other Half Loves, Man of the Moment, Heartbreak House and Season’s Greetings (all UK tours). Cheryl’s TV credits include The Sweeney, The Professionals, What Every Woman Knows and Brookside.

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Ged McKenna as Petey.

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Ged McKenna as Petey.

Ged McKenna plays Petey. His theatre work includes A Skull in Connemara (Nottingham Playhouse), Inherit The Wind, Kes, Toad of Toad Hall, Big Maggie, Second From Last in The Sack Race, Translations, Cleo Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick (New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme), Much Ado About Nothing, Hercules (Chester), Hysteria (English Theatre of Frankfurt), Faith Healer (Library Theatre, Manchester), To Kill A Mockingbird, Wuthering Heights (West Yorkshire Playhouse), Katherine De Souza, Forward (Birmingham Rep), The Lonesome West (Hull Truck), Strangers On A Train, Ghosts, Sailor Beware! (Theatre by the Lake, Keswick), Iron (Traverse, Edinburgh/Royal Court, London), The Farmer’s Bride by Ged McKenna (Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough/Tour), The Tempest, Desire Under The Elms (Shared Experience), Macbeth (Cheek By Jowl) and Yard (Bush). His film credits include Shirley Valentine and Awaydays.

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Declan Rodgers as McCann, Jonathan Ashley as Goldberg.

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Declan Rodgers as McCann, Jonathan Ashley as Goldberg.

Declan Rodgers plays McCann. A native of Dundrum, Co Down, Declan trained at LAMDA. His theatre credits include I’m With The Band (Traverse Theatre & UK Tour), Can’t Forget About You (Lyric Theatre), Shoot The Crow (Trafalgar Studios), Carousel (Bush), Service (Nilon Productions/Theatre 503), Hope Dies Last (Arcola Theatre) and City (Encounter Productions). Television credits include Six Degrees and In Cold Blood (both BBC). His film credits include Shooting for Socrates (New Black Films), You Looking At Me? (Besom/Channel 4) and The Minnits of Annabeg (Krown Films).

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Imogen Wilde as Lulu.

The Birthday Party. Photo by Sheila Burnett. Imogen Wilde as Lulu.

Imogen Wilde plays Lulu. She finished her training at Drama Studio in 2015. Since then she acted in Scrooge (Bill Kenwright Productions), Punk Rock (D&M Productions), Puss in Boots and White Feathers (Bread & Roses).

London Classic Theatre present
The Birthday Party
Thursday 26 May at 8pm
Book now!



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Local drama and musical societies

If you are interesting in acting and performing and want to get involved with the local performing arts scene here are some of the companies who perform regularly at An Grianán. Keep an eye out on their social media channels and local media for news on auditions, classes and workshops.

DMEP (Donegal Music Education Partnership)

The DMEP offer instrumental/vocal tuition in all genres of music (classical, jazz, traditional, rock/pop) at reasonable rates to children and young adults. They have a number of different performing ensembles including the Donegal Chamber Orchestra, the Donegal Youth Orchestra, the Errigal Groove Orchestra and the Errigal Singers. Their annual family Christmas concert in.a well loved fixture in our festive schedule.

Web | Facebook

Letterkenny Music and Drama Group

Cast and crew of the Letterkenny Music and Drama Group's production of The 39 Steps in 2015.

Cast and crew of the Letterkenny Music and Drama Group’s production of The 39 Steps in 2015.

One of Donegal’s most successful and prolific producers of theatre, they produce both musicals and dramas. Recent successes have include the multi award winning comedy The 39 Steps, Calendar Girls and Sister Act. They are also involved with the Letterkenny One Act Festival.

 | Facebook | 

Letterkenny Musical Society

Letterkenny Musical Society's The Mikado, spring 2008. Photo by Paul McGuckin.

Letterkenny Musical Society’s The Mikado, spring 2008. Photo by Paul McGuckin.

Produce one musical a year, always to an exceptionally high standard – usually end of February or beginning of March.

Facebook |

Letterkenny Pantomime Society

The Letterkenny Pantomime Society present a panto every January at An Grianan. They take well loved fairytale classics and give them a local spin.


Lifford Players

The Lifford Players in their 2016 production of Tom Murphy's A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer's Assistant

The Lifford Players in their 2016 production of Tom Murphy’s A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer’s Assistant

One of the country’s oldest and most respected amateur theatre companies. Founded in the 1950s. Recent shows are Tom Murphy’s A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer’s Assistant and comedy ‘Allo, ‘Allo.

Facebook | Twitter

On Cue Academy

Founded by Nora Kavanagh, On Cue offer classes in musical theatre and drama for children. They normally hold a showcase performance in June.


ZoNa Dance Co

Founded by Jessica Peoples, ZoNa Dance offer high quality training in classical ballet and dance. They normally present a showcase once a year, usually in May.

Web | Facebook

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Father McDyer drama returns

Tour: Wed 18 May Letterkenny, Thur 19 May Roscommon, Fri 20 May Carndonagh, Sat 21 May Kilcar.

There’s a second chance to see drama I Would Walk These Fields Again as it embarks on a mini tour this May as part of the Bealtaine Festival. Produced by An Grianán Theatre in association with the Donegal County Council, I Would These Fields Again is a celebration of the life of well known Donegal native Father James McDyer – his life, his work and his legacy.

John D Ruddy and Louise Conaghan in I Would Walk These Fields Again, a play by Guy Le Jeune about Father McDyer of Glencolmcille, An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny

John D Ruddy and Louise Conaghan in I Would Walk These Fields Again, a play by Guy Le Jeune about Father McDyer of Glencolmcille.

Starring John D Ruddy and Louise Conaghan, the play was well received by local audiences when it debuted last year. There will be four performances – starting at An Grianán Theatre on Wednesday 18 May, Roscommon Arts Centre on Thursday 19, Colgan Hall in Carndonagh on Friday 20 and Kilcar Parish Hall on Saturday 21 May.

Father McDyer was a man of great energy, humour and conviction, qualities which are captured in this drama by Guy Le Jeune.

Born in Glenties in 1910, Father McDyer was ordained in Maynooth. He spent ten years in London during the Second World War where he tended to the needs of the emigrant Irish population. He returned to Ireland, spending four years on Tory Island before being sent to the parish of Glencolmcille in South-West Donegal, in 1951. From then until his death in 1987 he worked tirelessly against what he termed “the curse of emigration”.

I Would Walk These Fields Again, a play by Guy Le Jeune about Father McDyer of Glencolmcille, An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny

He encouraged new enterprises, set up a cooperative, persuaded government ministers and their departments to support his ideas and inspired the community to help themselves, rather than rely on handouts from the State. In his own words, he described himself as a “Christian Communist”, taking his inspiration from the political turmoil and radical ideas of the early twentieth century.

2015 Fr James Play - 214

Writer Guy Le Jeune is Theatre-Artist-in-Residence at An Grianán Theatre, supported by the Donegal County Council and the Arts Council. His previous plays for An Grianán include On The Camel’s Hump and Fiesta. He is currently writing a new musical, Unified, which will be the feature event of this summer’s Earagail Arts Festival.

Tour Dates

An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny
Wednesday 18 May at 8pm Box Office 074 912 0777

Roscommon Arts Centre
Thursday 19 May at 8pm Box Office 090 66 25 824 

Colgan Hall, Carndonagh
Friday 20 May at 8pm Tickets available on the door.

Halla ná Paróiste, Cill Chartha/Kilcar Parish Hall
Satharn 21ú Bealtaine/Saturday 21 May at 8.30pm Tickets available on the door.

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Pack up your Troubles – it’s time for the History of the Peace

A cross-community bus run to Donegal, a newly formed Protestant flute band and the Iris Robinson scandal are just some of the incidents audiences can expect to see in comedy play The History of the Peace (Accordin’ to My Ma) which comes to An Grianán Theatre this May.

This is the follow up to the wildly successful comedy The History of the Troubles (accordin’ to my Da) and reunites Martin Lynch and comedy duo Conor Grimes and Alan McKee once again for another slice of riots, protests, bombs and the peace process. The History of the Troubles has, according to Lynch, been seen by 150,000 people since its original run and the many re-runs including several visits to An Grianán and now the team are hoping for similar success The History of the Peace.

The History of the Peace starring Grimes & McKee, at An Grianan Theatre Letterkenny May 2016

The play revolves around Karen Reid (Maria Connolly), a Belfast community worker struggling to keep house and family together in the face of Northern Ireland’s unique form of peace. Through the 1994 ceasefires, the Good Friday Agreement, the Chuckle Brothers McGuinness and Paisley and the ‘fleg’ protests, she fervently believes in a new Northern Ireland.

Thankfully, Karen has the ‘total support’ of her loyal band of friends such as Fireball – now working in Roselawn Crematorium with his cousin Firebell – her dingbat best friend, Stacy (Tara Lynne O’Neill), incompetent flute band leader, Roberto, Pineapple the paramilitary, Claire, the secret lesbian, Aaron, the serial ‘fleg’ protester and many, many more.

While the History of the Troubles was set in west Belfast and looked at the Troubles from the perspective of the Catholic community, this new play, which is set 14 years later, takes place in the east of the city and tells the story of the working class Protestant community after the 1994 ceasefire up to present day.

As Lynch explains: “I think you can say that from 1921 to 1969 the Catholic community were treated, or felt that they were treated, like second-class citizens. If you look at the Troubles from 1969-1994, it was the Catholics who were acting out about their dissatisfaction. But since 1994 there’s a kind of feeling in the Protestant working class community that they have become underrepresented and ignored. And so this play hopefully will provide a voice for that as well.”

Martin Lynch and GBL Productions present
The History of the Peace (accordin’ to My Ma)
Sat 7 May 2016 at 8pm
Tickets: €20/€15 BOOK NOW!

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