Stage technician Peter Rose. Photo by Paul McGuckin.


For all queries on Technical Specifications, please contact our Technical Manager:

Last updated 25.02.2021

Please note:

  • All plans and crew costs need to be agreed in advance.
  • Please forward all risk assessements and necessary documentation at least 2 weeks in advance of arrival.
  • An Grianan Theatre Technical Department is constantly working and all equipment is in constant use. Occasionally some lanterns or equipment may be taken out of use for maintenance. Please contact us in advance to check what equipment may be out of service.

Niall Cranney

00 353 7491 20777, ext 5

Peter Rose

00 353 7491 20777, ext 5

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  • Download Safety Statement for An Grianán Theatre docx | (updated July 2021)
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*NB: all visiting companies must adhere to these policies and provide their own statements on request.

Critical Stage Dimensions

  • Stage Depth from back wall to tab line: 10.7 m
  • Plus permanent apron: 1 m
  • Total stage width: 17 m
  • Pros opening width: 12.8 m
  • Height of Pros arch: 6 m
  • Grid height: 13.2 m
  • Load-in Doors: 4.5 m x 4 m (w/h)
  • Scene Dock opening 3.5 m x 5m (w/h)


(Please note we are a 16 amp building!)


96 Digital Dimmers (RJ Tivoli 13500)
90 @ 2.5 kW
6 @ 5k
1 ETC Ion 1×20 fader wing


12 x 1 kW (18/30) Profile Spotlights (Robert Juliat SX Range)
12 x 1 kW (26/40) Profile Spotlights (Robert Juliat SX Range)
5 x ETC Source 4 jr 50 degree profiles
28 x 1 kW Fresnel Spotlights (Robert Juliat)
34 x 1 kW Pars (CP 62 bulbs as standard)
6 X 2.0 kW Robert Juliat PC Lens
12 x 1 kW Cyc Floods

2 x 1.2 kW Follow Spots (Robert Juliat Foxies)
2 x Drop in iris for Juliat profiles
1 Stairville PS 1500 DMX Strobe
1 Eiki XT250 Projector 3800 lumens
2 x Benq w10180St projectors

Intelligent Lighting

6 x Robe AT250 Colour Spots
6 x Mac Aura XB moving heads
8 x Chauvet Ovation E910FC 26 degree Led Profiles
A limited stock of gel colour is available

House lighting

4 x 2.5 kW Dimmers controlled from desk (house address 100)


18 x 10 m
18 x 5m
10 x 2m
10 x 1m
12 x 1m 16 amp to 15 amp convertors
12 x 16 amp x 2 way splitters
4 x 32 amp to 16 amp splitters for 5kw circuits
2 x 30m 6 way Socapex with 16 amp fanouts
Limited number of various 13 amp extensions and convertors

Extra Power

Offstage: 1x 63 amp 3 phase facility for extra lighting (60 amps per phase)
Either: 1x 32 amp 3 phase facility ( 20 amps per phase)
Or: 1 x 32amp single for extra sound power

DMX outs downstage left
DMX input downstage left

Flying and Rigging


Please take into account cabling when calculating weight loads.

9 x 75 kg Hemp sets. Manual Haul
SWL 75 kg

These hemp lines cannot be used for rigging lanterns

4 x 15m TOMCAT Square Truss c/w 10-way IWB
SWL 250 kg

7 x motorised hoists (variable speed)
SWL 500 kg

Please also note that all flying bars can only be operated by inhouse trained staff.


Desk and Outboard


1 x Soundcraft Gb4 32-2


1 Si Impact 32 channel
1 x Soundcraft Stage box mini 32 i


1 Yamaha SPX2000 Processor
1 x Behringer MDX4400 multicom pro
4 x 31 band stereo graphic BSS Opal
2 x 31 band Stereo graphic DBX
2 Tascam MD350 Minidisc Recorder
1 Tascam MD -CD1 player

Sound Power is single phase, with four 13 amp and one 16amp outlets onstage. Same phase matching 13 amp sockets Auditorium Rear and Control

Microphones and Cabling

6 x Shure SM58
3 x Shure SM57
3 x Audio Technica rifle microphones
3 x Crown PZM Microphones
1 x T-bone DC4000 Drum kit Set
4 x Sennheiser 604s
2 x T-Bone MB 85
2 x T Bone SC300 Condensers
2 x C2 Condensers
1 x Sennheiser E 906


3 x Stageline Passive
4 x Palmer Passive
3 Orchid active stage box


40 x XLR Leads
3 x 15m 8-way stage snake boxes
16 x various size microphone stands 3 x Circular Bases

Amplifers and Speakers


4 x TQ 425 Bass Bins
6 x TQ 440 Tops
2 x Turbosound XTA Processors
3 x MC 1250 Amplifiers
1 x MC 750 Amplifier

128dB SPL


8 x EV SX 300 Full range speakers
2 x Zeck PT5 amplifiers
1 x Zeck PT3 amplifier

Capability of a 6- way monitor mix

(Please note) all monitors are mixed from the front of house position using FOH Desk.


Limited Range of Speakon Cabling Available.



1 x Dual channel master station
1 x Goose neck mic
3 x single muff headsets and belt packs

Cue Lights:

1 x 6 way cue light base station
2 x portable cue light out stations
2 x surface mounted stations
Show relay and monitor in prompt corner

Masking and Drapes

1 full 11m x 6.5m cyclorama cloth
1 Set of full house blacks loose
1 Set of full house blacks on tab track
8 Legs 2m Wide x 6.5m high
3 borders 16m wide x 2m deep
1 border 16m wide x 3m deep
2 x 1.2m wide x 6m high Hard masking (wool serge on timber framing)
2 x 1.2m wide x 5m high Hard masking (wool serge on timber framing)
1 x 7m wide x 0.6m high Ground Row (wool serge on timber framing)
House Tabs (manually operated from DSL)


1 Zarges Combi ladder
1 Zarges extension ladder
1 Zarges small A frames


11 Stage braces
11 stage weights
1 vinyl dance floor 15m x 10m
12 x Doughty Music stands
4 x base plates
4 x T stands

Various steel bars between 1.5 metres and 6 metres.

General Accommodation

3 permanent dressing rooms situated on the same level as the stage,each with shower, wc, wash hand basins, costume rails, make up mirrors,13 amp sockets

1 Green room: facilities include fridge, kettle, microwave, sofas, dining area

1 Backstage public telephone

Ancillary Facilities:

1 x washing machine
2 x tumble dryer
1 x ironing board
1 x iron
1 workshop: limited facilities

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