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All Ireland One Act Drama Finals launch

Photocall from yesterday’s official launch of the All Ireland One Act Drama Finals which will be held in Letterkenny for the first time this December.
3 October 2017: Official launch of the All Ireland One Act Drama Finals which will be held in Letterkenny for the first time this December. Front row left to right: Jean Curran, John Travers, Mayor of Donegal Cllr Gerry Mc Monagle, Mayor of Letterkenny Municipal District Cllr Jimmy Kavanagh, Plunkett O'Fearraigh and Anne Mc Gowan. Back row left to right: Sean Mc Cormack, Cllr Ian Mc Garvey ,Cllr Michael Mc Bride, James Mc Laughlin A.I.B.and John O'Donnell.Front row left to right: Jean Curran, John Travers, Mayor of Donegal Cllr Gerry Mc Monagle, Mayor of Letterkenny Municipal District Cllr Jimmy Kavanagh, Plunkett O’Fearraigh and Anne Mc Gowan.
Back row left to right: Sean Mc Cormack, Cllr Ian Mc Garvey ,Cllr Michael Mc Bride, James Mc Laughlin A.I.B.and John O’Donnell.

Letterkenny has been fortunate to be asked to stage The All Ireland One Act Finals this year in An Grianán Theatre from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December. This is a great opportunity for the people of Letterkenny and Donegal to see the top 11 plays presented at all the one act festivals from around the country during November 2017. Ticket sales are already flying even though we won’t know who the finalists are until the end of November!

There will be 3 plays shown on Friday and Saturday nights, 3 on Sunday afternoon and 2 on Sunday night with the presentation of awards straight afterwards.The Festival Club will be held in An Grianán Theatre each night after the performances when the groups and audiences can mingle and let their hair down. Music will be provided each night.

A large crowd is expected in the town during the festival and there will be other fringe events occurring as well to entertain the visitors while in town – Visits to Glenveagh National Park & Grianán of Aileach, Historic walks of the town, traditional music /jazz sessions locally, golf competition etc. All these will be announced at a later date.

The All Ireland One Act Finals is hosted by Letterkenny One Act Festival under the auspices of Drama League of Ireland and The Amateur Drama Council of Ireland.

Tickets can be purchased at our box office on 0749120777 or online here. Cost is €18/€16 per session. Attend all four sessions for the great price of just €60 (discount automatically deducted when you add tickets for all four sessions to your cart).

Visit the official website for the latest festival news – www.oneactfinals2017.ie

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Results of the Letterkenny One Act Festival 2016

Blue Riband: Corn Mill Theatre Group – Tom Clarke’s One True Love

Best Play: Open Corn Mill Theatre Group – Tom Clarke’s One True Love
2nd- Open Lucan Drama Group – Subtraction
3rd -Open Bangor Drama Group – A Galway Girl

Best Director  – Open: Gus Hanley -Tom Clarke’s One True Love – Corn Mill Theatre Group

Best Actor – Open: George Hogan – as Walter in Subtraction by Lucan Drama Club

Best Actress – Open: Maura Farrelly as Kathleen in Tom Clarke’s One True Love, Corn Mill

Best Play – Confined: Glenamaddy Players – The Problem
2nd – Confined: Gunpowder Productions – Pizzazz
3rd – Confined: Ballina Dramatic Society – Lone Star

Best Director – Confined: Ann C Molloy – The Problem [ Glenamaddy Players]

Best Actor– Confined: Michael Tevenan – as Husband in The Problem [Glenamaddy Players]

Best Actress – Confined: Niamh Flanagan – as Wife in The Problem [Glenamaddy Players]

Best Technical: Corn Mill Theatre Group – Tom Clarke’s One True Love

Adjudicator’s Award: Greg Mulcahy – as glue sniffer in Homeless [Tadhg An Eastna Players]

Adjudicator’s Award: Brian Murphy on his telling of the death of Tom Clarke in Tom Clarke’s One True Love [ Corn Mill]

Adjudicator’s Award: Dee Foxe – As Mrs Hand in Pizzazz by Gunpowder productions

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Tonight’s programme for the final night of the Letterkenny One Act Festival 2016

Here are tonight’s plays for the third and final night of the Letterkenny One Act Festival. First play begins at 7pm. Tickets available on the door.

Corn Mill Theatre Group, Leitrim

Tom Clarke’s One True Love
By Killian Mc Guinness

Tom Clarke – Killian Mc Guinness
Kathleen Clarke – Maura Farrelly
Winifred Carney – Elizabeth Doonan
Mc Kenzie Booth – Brian Murray
Producer/Director – Gus Hanley
Lighting /Sound/ Set Design – Philip Mc Intyre & Noel Nash

Setting Ireland / London
Period 1950 /60’s
Synopsis: The play dramatizes the life of Tom Clarke, the public and private man. It covers the time span from 1830 when his father James was born, to Clarke’s execution in 1916. During the performance we meet Clarke, his wife Kathleen, Winifred Carney James Connolly’s secretary, McKenzie-Booth a British medical officer, Patrick Pearse, a British recruit, Thomas Junior, and a member of Cumann na mBan. It is betimes heartbreakingly sad but peppered with comedy.

Corn Mill Theatre Group: The tradition of Drama in Carrigallen goes back to the late 1800’s. The present group was founded in 1963 as The Community Players and there has been no break in activity since that time. The group has competed on the festival circuit since 1970 and has reached the All-Ireland Finals in Athlone on thirteen occasions. In 1989 the group opened their own theatre -The Corn Mill Theatre and Arts Centre. In that year, the group changed their name to The Corn Mill Theatre Company. The group has won the All-Ireland Drama Finals in Athlone on three occasions – in 1998 with Belfry by Billy Roche,in 2005 with Stolen Child by Yvonne Quinn and Bairbre Ni Chaoimh and in 2014 with The Devil’s Ceili by Philip Doherty and Kevin McGathern. On the One Act circuit they won the confined All Ireland in 1982 with The Workhouse Ward written by Lady Gregory and directed by Gus Ward

Lucan Dramatic Society, Dublin

By Kevin Mc Fillen

Waiter – George Hogan
Melanie – Elaine Butler

Producer/Director – Vincent Casey
Sound/ Lighting TBC
Design Consultant – Olga Bolger
Stage Manager – Jack C. Flanagan

Setting :- A quiet city park

Synopsis:- A Strange Encounter with a woman from the Office of Subtraction, Melanie, forces Walter to re-examine what he believes about memory, loss and the nature of the universe

Lucan Dramatic Society was founded in 1957 by Rev. James Loughran and Michael Gannon as St. Mary’s Dramatic Society and is now more commonly referred to as Lucan Drama. With previous circuit flirtations, still evident on trophies, interest in competition was re-ignited in 2013 and Lucan have entered a One Act Festival every year since. This Year they bring us SUBTRACTION by Kevin McFillen directed by Vincent Casey and starring Elaine Butler and George Hogan. It is George’s first play with Lucan Drama. Walter and Melanie attempt to balance the universal equation in this conversational drama about loss, memory and the loss of memory.

Gunpowder Productions, Cork

by Hugh Leonard

Marion – Rachel O’Riordan
Olivia – Dee Foxe
Rooney – Donal O’Sullivan
Conroy – Daniel O’Regan
Mrs Hand – Ann O’Hora

Producer / Director: Eltin Griffin
Lighting – Nigel Cassidy
Sound – Mary Connolly, Mark Newman
Props – Rachel Mc Nally
Stage Crew – Mark Newman, John Reilly,Stephen Burke

Synopsis: Whilst waiting to hire a cabin cruiser on the River Shannon, two apparent strangers play an elaborate game, which involves re-enacting a marriage on the rocks with the other people in the reception area as supporting cast. But all is not what it seems.

Gunpowder Productions :
Gunpowder Productions was founded in 2006 by a group of friends who had a deep interest in drama. The name of the company comes from a local gunpowder mill in Ballincollig. The group is lucky to have a broad range of talents within the group.

NB: There will be a 15-minute interval between each play.

Eavan and Riona Hennessey and Marc Mc Closkey will provide musical entertainment while the adjudicator is considering the awards.

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Night two of the Letterkenny One Act Festival 2016

Here are tonight’s plays for the second night of the Letterkenny One Act Festival. First play begins at 7.30pm. Tickets available on the door.

Bangor Drama Club, Bangor

A Galway Girl
By Geraldine Aron

Maisie – Clare Mc Kelvey
Dermot – Sean Greer
Producer/Director Patrick Grimshaw
Lighting:- Patrick Grimshaw
Sound:- Olive Mc Dermott
Setting Ireland / London
Period 1950 /60’s

Synopsis: ‘Set in Ireland and London during the 1950s and 1960s, A Galway Girl involves a couple, Maisie and Dermot, talking about their married life. They seldom communicate with one another, choosing instead to disclose their ideas direct to the audience. Yet this seems somehow appropriate for a couple who seem totally incompatible with one another. Maisie, a well-brought up village girl, is close to her mother and very much concerned with outward appearance; Dermot thinks of himself as working-class and proud of it – although perpetually justifying his actions, especially after he has had a jar or three.’
Bangor Drama Club began in 1935 when a group of theatre loving people got together each week to read plays. This naturally progressed to putting on their first productions in 1938, and the club hasn’t looked back since. The club has produced almost every type of play, from Shakespeare to farce, high drama to light comedy and everything in-between. Currently the club is in its third building: Studio 1A on the Hamilton Road and is undergoing renovation work to turn it into a modern and welcoming theatre space for its members, audiences, and guests.

No Drama Theatre, Dublin

By Jonathan Shortall

Frank – Declan Ryan
Donna – Kate Cosgrave
Titania – Charlotte Keating
Winston – Malcolm Bolton

Producer Louise Dunne
Director/ Sound/ Lighting Jonathan Shortall
Synopsis:- The rain hammers down. Parts of the puzzle are starting to slot into place, but are the clues all they seem? The pieces are moving on the board, but is everyone playing the same game? Somebody is dead, stabbed through the heart. Somebody is running from the law, looking for a saviour. Somebody is out for revenge, relentlessly tracking their prey. Somebody doesn’t see why this couldn’t all wait till the morning. But Frank O’Hara is on the scene, and that means someone’s body on the floor.
No Drama Theatre: Initially founded on boards.ie in 2008, No Drama has grown immeasurably since its conception. 8 years on and the group has held hundreds of diverse weekly drama workshops, various full productions and showcases, and appeared on the bills of numerous festivals. No Drama aims to nurture its members by creating a welcoming and easy-going environment; all the while encouraging them to be all that they can be. It is the passion of its members that drives the momentum and this momentum is showing no signs of slowing down.

Glenamaddy players, Galway

The Problem
by A.R. Gurney

Wife – Niamh Flanagan
Husband – Michael Tevenan
Producer / Director Ann C Molloy
Lighting Nigel Cassidy
Sound Mary Connolly
Mark Newman
Props Rachel Mc Nally
Stage Crew Mark Newman, John Reilly, Stephen Burke
Synopsis: The Problem” is a comedy of great wit where the wife reveals a shocking secret to her husband only to find that he has some secrets of his own !!! In a very funny dialogue, the couple’s inability to communicate with each other properly keeps bringing them back again and again to ”the problem”. The story has some imaginative swerves along the way with a twist at the end.
Glenamaddy Players: There is a long tradition of drama in Glenamaddy going back to the 1950s with plays being performed locally in the Town Hall. Glenamaddy Players were formed in 1972 and have competed on the full length amateur circuit ever since. The group have enjoyed considerable success in several All Ireland appearances. with plays, such as “Translations”, “The Playboy of the Western World” “The Field” and “Eclipsed. This is their second year back participating on the 1 Act festival circuit.

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Tonight’s programme for the opening night of the One Act Festival

Here are tonight’s plays for the opening night of the Letterkenny One Act Festival. First play begins at 7.30pm. Tickets available on the door.

Rush Dramatic Society, Dublin

Two Sisters
By Caroline Harding

Anya – Trish Daly
Sonia- Lorraine Carrick

Producer/Director Annemarie Wolohan
Lighting:- Annemarie Wolohan
Stage manager Caroline Harding

Setting Anya’s Attic Room
Period  1895

Synopsis: Dark secrets hidden in the grey mists of time are reluctantly revealed in this black comedy. Set in a small village in 1880’s Russia, Anya and Sonia are goaded into recollecting some things they’d rather forget from their earlier years, upon the bizarre discovery of an empty coffin in Anya’s lodgings.

Rush Dramatic Society was founded in 1927, having its roots in the Gaelic League. It has been in continuous activity ever since. RDS built its own home The Millbank Theatre which opened  in 1988 . RDS produce five shows each year and The Millbank Theatre is home to the Annual Rush Drama Festival.

Tadgh An Astna Players, Cork

By Kieran Doyle

Paul O’Regan – Ray Mullins
Maeve, Mother,
Woman in Park, Solicitor

Paul O’Regan – Rugby Player, Man in Park Caroline Conway
Jogger, Gazza, Billy,
Rugby player,
Bank Manager Greg Mulcahay

Producer / Director Kieran Doyle

Setting Park Bench, Dublin

Time  The Present
Synopsis:-  Ray Mullins is a homeless man living on a bench in a Dublin park. But how can a man who had a career, a beautiful house, wife and successful sporting life, fall from grace? The play follows the life of Ray through a series of his memories and events in the park. He engages the audience and makes us all look at how we perceive the great illness of Irish society – Homelessness.

Tadhg An Astna was set up in 2012 and is based in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. The group specialises in writing and producing its own work. This is the first year the group is performing on the one act circuit. ‘Homeless’ won an award for ‘audience best play’ in a festival in Coolgrayney last year.

Ballina Dramatic Society, Mayo

Lone Star
by James Mc Clure

Roy  – Shane Loftus
Ray  – Rodney O’Donnell
Cletis – Paul Canavan

Producer / Director – Hilary Lyons
Production Team Gerry Ring, Tommy Cooke,Trisha Browne, Carmel Traynor

Synopsis: The play takes place in the backyard of a small-town Texas bar in the 1970s. Roy, a brawny macho type is back from Vietnam and boasts of his military and amorous exploits to his brother Ray, a simple small-town boy who adores his brother. Roy loves three things; his country, his young wife and his 1959 pink Thunderbird convertible. With the arrival of Cletis, a gormless store-owner in town who also hero-worships Roy, the underpinnings of Roy’s world and inflated sense of himself begin to unravel as both Cletis and Ray have secrets that leave Roy stunned and suitably chastened.

Ballina Drama Society is 70 years old. They are on record as having produced at least one play every year since 1946! BDS has been the corner-stone of drama in north Mayo, producing a variety of genres in drama from Irish plays to farce, to English comedy of errors. Because of this longevity, they have had hundreds of members on their books, some of whom are second generation. As well as producing quality drama, they contribute annually to local charities.

NB: there will be a 15 minute interval between each play.

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Programme announced for the Letterkenny One Act Festival

Amateur drama societies from across the island of Ireland will converge in Letterkenny this November for the One Act Festival.

This year’s festival features the following plays:

Thursday 10 Nov 2016 at 7.30pm

Two Sisters by Caroline Harding
Rush Dramatic Society, Rush

Homeless by Kieran Doyle
Tadhg An Astna Players, Cork

Lone Star by James McClure
Ballina Dramatic Society, Mayo

Friday 11 Nov 2016 at 7.30pm

A Galway Girl by Geraldine Aron
Bangor Drama Group, Down

Hardboiled by Jonathan Shortall
No Drama Theatre, Dublin

The Problem by A. R. Gurney
Glenmaddy Players, Galway

Saturday 12 Nov 2016 at 7pm

Tom Clarke’s One True Love by Killian McGuinness
Corn Mill Theatre Group, Leitrim

Subtraction by Kevin McFillen
Lucan Drama Group, Dublin

Pizzazz by Hugh Leonard
Gunpowder Productions, Cork

Followed by adjudication and presentation of awards.

Adjudicator: Paula Dempsey

Plays last from 30 mins to 55 mins max.

Tickets are €8 (€6 concession) nightly or you can become a Festival Friend. Friends membership for a couple is €30 and entitles you to two free tickets for each night of the festival. A single Friends membership is €15 and entitles you to one free ticket for each night of the festival. Friends memberships can be purchased at our box office on 074 912 0777.

The Letterkenny One Act Festival is kindly supported by Pramerica.

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Letterkenny One Act Festival 2014 Results

Here are the results of this year’s Letterkenny One Act Festival:


Blue Riband: Belvoir Players  The Spelling Mistake


Best Play – Open:  Belvoir Players  The Spelling Mistake

2nd-  Open: Bradán Players  Unveiling

3rd –Open: Theatre 3 The Virtuous Burglar


Best Director – Open: Chris Darcy – The Spelling Mistake, Belvoir Players

Best Actor – Open:  Simon Sweeney – Machut in The Spelling Mistake,  Belvoir Players

Best Actress – Open:  Michelle Reade – Vera in Unveiling, Bradán Players


Best Play – Confined: Phoenix Players – The Hitman

2nd  – Confined: Newtowncashel Drama Club – Cliff’s Edge

3rd – Confined : Model Box Productions – Stay Carl Stay


Best Director – Confined: Ursula Morahan – The Hitman, Phoenix Players

Best Actor– Confined: Vincent Morley – as Carl in Stay Carl Stay, Model Box Productions

Best Actress – Confined: Mary Walsh – Alice in The Hitman, Phoenix Players

Best Technical: Set Design in The Spelling Mistake, Belvoir Players

Adjudicator’s Award: Moment of theatre  at the beginning of Cliff’s Edge , Newtowncashel Drama Club


Adjudicator: Mr Larry McCluskey GIDA

Festival Secretary: Pluincéad Ó Fearraigh

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Letterkenny One Act Drama Festival 2014

The organisers of the Letterkenny One Act Drama Festival have another great line up of amateur drama companies from across the island of Ireland competing this week.

Tickets for each night are €8/€6 or save some money by becoming a Friend of the Festival – it’s €15 for an individual or €30 for a couple and entitles you to complementary tickets for each night of the festival – contact the box office on 0749120777 for further information.


On Thursday night competing in the Confined competition we have Ballyshannon company Dark Daughter Productions with Jean McConnell’s Deckchairs 3 – Cruise Missile.  When Janet embarks on her first cruise, she finds herself overwhelmed by the array of delights on offer. However, there is a fellow passenger who is only too willing to be her guide and mentor. It is the flamboyant Goldie, who is familiar with all the wrinkles and most of the crew. But her instant friendship is something of a mixed blessing.

Also competing in the Confined section are the Phoenix Players from Tubbercurry who are presenting The Hitman by JCW Brook. The husband of an elderly unhappy married couple decides to get rid of his wife—but does it all work out?!

Competing in the Open competition are Belfast’s Belvoir Players. In The Spelling Mistakes by Eugene Labiche, Caboussat is standing for election as President of the local Agricultural Committee, but Caboussat cannot spell and is only able to hide this deep flaw by allowing his daughter Blanche to write out, and correct, his speeches. The plot thickens when Poitrinas arrives, not only in search of Ancient Roman remains, but also to seek the hand of Blanche for his son.


On Friday we have Model Box Productions from Wicklow with Peter Tolan’s Stay Carl Stay. Set in New York, this is the story of a mild mannered woman dominated by her boyfriend, who on the advice of a therapist adopts a dog, Carl. Life gets interesting when Carl learns to talk and dance! They are competing in the Confined group.

Newtowncashel Drama Club are from Co Longford and are presenting Cliff’s Edge by Paul Beard. A suicidal failed actor, a maniacally depressed pub landlord and a schizophrenic passerby are the characters in this blackest of comedies. Set on the cliff top at Beachy Head, this carefully researched piece of modern theatre has received critical acclaim since its showcase in Edinburgh and subsequent productions in Chicago, Madrid, Stockholm, Melbourne and Prague.

Newtownabbey’s Theatre 3 present Dario Fo’s The Virtuous Burglar in the Open section. A burglar is discovered when the owner of the flat returns unexpectedly with his mistress. When the owner’s wife arrives, the burglar is forced to pretend that the mistress is his wife. Other spouses and lovers appear and the burglar – apparently the only one not having an affair – is forced into pretending to have multiple wives. Then his own wife arrives!


On Saturday we have two plays competing in the Open section – the Bradán Players from Dublin and the Bangor Drama Group from Co Down. The Bradan Players are producing Vaclev Havel’s Unveiling, a three hander which sees Vanek call to the house of his friends Vera and Michael and the unfolding conversation which drives the course of the evening.

The Bangor Drama Group are staging Sharkey by Michael Levers. Sharkey has a lot to come to terms with. Looking for answers, he returns to his old church and to the minister there, who is his ex-partner, Lavinia. What happens in the church takes Sharkey to a world beyond his dreams, because there is a story about life and death that some people have forgotten.

Local group the Letterkenny Music and Drama Group are performing out of competition with their play Love in a Glass Jar by Nancy Harris. Eve and Patrick are two strangers who get chatting on a dating website and agree to a face to face meeting in a hotel room. Patrick is in his forties and separated from his wife. Eve is a successful single woman in her thirties and is tired of being let down by love. She wants a child and wants to know the father, but she doesn’t want a man in her life. The dynamic between them shifts and flows with comic and painful results as Eve and Patrick both struggle to come to terms with their loneliness and each other.

Letterkenny One Act Festival 2014, Thurs 13 to Sat 15 Nov at 7.30pm – Book now!

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