Coming soon: Postcards from the Ledge

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly in Postcards from the Ledge

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is having a one-night stand – with the whole world! And you’re invited!

Presented by Landmark Productions, Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’s hilarious Postcards from the Ledge starring Rory Nolan is coming to your gaff with a guarantee of ‘laugh out loud, hilarious good fun’. (★★★★ The Arts Review)

Broadcast live on one night only, and beamed into homes across the globe, don’t miss a date with the ledge and ‘two hours of unadulterated fun’ (★★★★ Irish Daily Mail) on Saturday 15 May.

The year is 2029 and Ireland is in the midst of an economic boom. Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is about to turn 50 – and life could not be better for him. His wife, Sorcha, is the Taoiseach. His triplet boys are the backbone of the Castlerock College Junior Cup team. And he still does alright with the ladies. But Ross’s daughter, Honor, is about to get married and that’s when the trouble really begins.

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is the star of the much-loved, best-selling series of books, and a weekly column in the Irish Times, by the award-winning writer, Paul Howard. Rory Nolan’s masterful performance as Ross has been drawing standing ovations since he first brought Ross to life on stage 14 years ago. Now you can applaud him from every room in your house!

A must-see, don’t miss your chance to make a date with the Ledge this Saturday 15 May.

Presented by Landmark Productions, Postcards from the Ledge is broadcast live from Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray.

“The Rossmeister General is coming to your gaff! And the lockdown isn’t going to stop me! That’s right, people! I’m taking my act from the stage – and into your bedroom! Or your living room! As a matter of fact, you could go totally mad and enjoy me in every single room in the house! My one-man show,‘Postcards from the Ledge’, is returning – and it’s being live-streamed. So whether you live in Foxrock or New York, Cork or Cape Town, Limerick or Sydney, you can have me over for the night. Call it a date. And as usual, there are no strings attached.”

Paul Howard’s character Ross O’Carroll-Kelly started life in a newspaper column almost twenty years ago. He has since become the star of a critically acclaimed series of books that satirised Ireland during the years of its economic boom and bust and have sold well over one million copies in Ireland alone. He was named Irish Newspaper Columnist of the Year in 2013 for his weekly column in the Irish Times, one of the most widely read in the newspaper, and has received a record three Irish Book Awards.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that ‘Postcards from the Ledge’ is going to be staged again and that it’s going to be done for an online audience. I’m particularly happy that people will get another chance to marvel at Rory Nolan’s masterful, two-hour performance, which drew standing ovations in live venues all over the country. He is a truly world class actor and I feel privileged that he’s going to be stepping into Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’s Dubes once again.”

Booking info available here.

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Donegal! Are you ready for Lexie?

Donegal may never be the same again – a one man tsunami is planning an invasion of Letterkenny!

As an advanced warning to the people of Donegal we are advised to tell you that Lexie is on his way in your direction and like the tsunami he will leave a trail of disruption in his path….. Half reared in the hills of Donegal, Lexie is one of the stars in the forthcoming production of ‘Packie’s Wake‘ which opens in An Grianán Theatre on the 20th October for three nights. But be warned the impact of Lexie is not for the faint hearted as he will confront the audience with his tales of his constant battle with bodily dysfunction and ‘9 wains’. People in Derry call him ‘Lexie Bomb Scare’ as he can empty a room in 20 seconds.

Letterkenny native Paddy Taylor plays Lexie in Eddie Kerr's hit comedy Packie's Wake at An Grianán Theatre October 2016.

Letterkenny native Paddy Taylor plays Lexie in Eddie Kerr’s hit comedy Packie’s Wake at An Grianán Theatre October 2016.

Lexie is the latest character to invade the wake of Packie Pearse Devlin; the well known Derry layabout, part time philosopher and full time drunk. Packie found himself ‘stone dead’ on the first day of the 1994 ceasefire and has been telling audiences all around the world what death is like and what he thinks of the ‘whole carry-on’ since. The last time ‘Packie’s Wake’ played An Grianan Theatre tickets were as hard to find as a Shinner at a DUP comedy night so make sure you have your ticket and don’t let that happen again. Chronic hypochondriac Lexie boasts 37 diseases some not even known to medical science yet and more ailments will appear as he knows how to pronounce them.

By the way the hilarious character Lexie is played by Letterkenny’s own exiled son Paddy Taylor and he brings the house down with his outrageous performance:  ‘I have played some really great comedy characters in my time but I never played anything like Lexie Bomb Scare…. he is such as comic dream for an actor and I can’t wait to introduce the people of Donegal to this ‘character’.. I am sure that my family will be cringing in the front row as I bring Lexie to life on the stage of the An Grianan.. I can’t wait but is Donegal ready for Lexie?  I promise you a absolute treat so don’t miss it!!’

Packie’s Wake
Thur 20 to Fri 22 October at 8pm
Tickets: €20/€16 Book now!

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Waking Packie Again!

Great news for local theatre-goers as after a twelve year absence the sensational play ‘Packie’s Wake’, by Eddie Kerr, makes a long overdue return to Letterkenny.

The Derry based PlayStation Theatre Company present this hilarious play for a three night run at An Grianán from Thur 20th to Sat 22nd October. Last time it was at An Grianán it sold out every performance so don’t leave it too late to book!

Recognised as the most successful play in the history of theatre in Derry ‘Packie’s Wake’ tells the uproarious story of how Packie Devlin through an ironic quirk of fate is allowed to attend his own wake. The poor misfortunate has the opportunity to find out what his family and friends really think of him as he participates in the hysterical play that has become a theatrical masterpiece in black comedy.

Rehearsing for Packie's Wake.

Rehearsing for Packie’s Wake.

According to the Director, Martin Meenan, ‘we have given Packie a spring clean and made more than a few changes to the production and to the personnel but hopefully we have still maintained the overall quality of the play. Packie’s Wake appears to have hit a chord with people, not just here but everywhere it’s played. The play deals with universal themes about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events and deals with impact that death has on this, rather dysfunctional, family. It deals with the sadness attached to the death of somebody’s husband, father and friend but has managed, and I don’t know how, to balance that with the humour associated with our wakes and the social importance that ritual has on the grieving process. We love doing Packie’s Wake as much as audiences love seeing it, and if I am not being too facetious, it almost taken on a life of its own now’.

With Gerry Doherty in the role of Derry’s favourite antihero, Packie Devlin, and Carmel McCafferty as his wife Annie, supported by an extremely talented cast of 15 talented actors you are definitely guaranteed a night to remember.

Packie’s Wake
Thur 20 to Fri 22 October at 8pm
Tickets: €20/€16 Book now!

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Pack up your Troubles – it’s time for the History of the Peace

A cross-community bus run to Donegal, a newly formed Protestant flute band and the Iris Robinson scandal are just some of the incidents audiences can expect to see in comedy play The History of the Peace (Accordin’ to My Ma) which comes to An Grianán Theatre this May.

This is the follow up to the wildly successful comedy The History of the Troubles (accordin’ to my Da) and reunites Martin Lynch and comedy duo Conor Grimes and Alan McKee once again for another slice of riots, protests, bombs and the peace process. The History of the Troubles has, according to Lynch, been seen by 150,000 people since its original run and the many re-runs including several visits to An Grianán and now the team are hoping for similar success The History of the Peace.

The History of the Peace starring Grimes & McKee, at An Grianan Theatre Letterkenny May 2016

The play revolves around Karen Reid (Maria Connolly), a Belfast community worker struggling to keep house and family together in the face of Northern Ireland’s unique form of peace. Through the 1994 ceasefires, the Good Friday Agreement, the Chuckle Brothers McGuinness and Paisley and the ‘fleg’ protests, she fervently believes in a new Northern Ireland.

Thankfully, Karen has the ‘total support’ of her loyal band of friends such as Fireball – now working in Roselawn Crematorium with his cousin Firebell – her dingbat best friend, Stacy (Tara Lynne O’Neill), incompetent flute band leader, Roberto, Pineapple the paramilitary, Claire, the secret lesbian, Aaron, the serial ‘fleg’ protester and many, many more.

While the History of the Troubles was set in west Belfast and looked at the Troubles from the perspective of the Catholic community, this new play, which is set 14 years later, takes place in the east of the city and tells the story of the working class Protestant community after the 1994 ceasefire up to present day.

As Lynch explains: “I think you can say that from 1921 to 1969 the Catholic community were treated, or felt that they were treated, like second-class citizens. If you look at the Troubles from 1969-1994, it was the Catholics who were acting out about their dissatisfaction. But since 1994 there’s a kind of feeling in the Protestant working class community that they have become underrepresented and ignored. And so this play hopefully will provide a voice for that as well.”

Martin Lynch and GBL Productions present
The History of the Peace (accordin’ to My Ma)
Sat 7 May 2016 at 8pm
Tickets: €20/€15 BOOK NOW!

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 9! Get the scales out.

We’re closed for our Christmas holidays but we’ve lined up a few extra special online offers to tempt you over the festive period.

Starting on Christmas Day our ’12 Days of An Grianán’ will offer you a huge discount on a selection of shows including drama, music, comedy and summer schools! It’s a different offer every day so keep an eye on your inbox or follow us on twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on some substantial savings!

How are those new year’s resolutions working out for you? Trying to shift those extra holiday pounds? Then you’ll probably sympathise with the characters is our upcoming comedy drama Weighing-In, a comedy all about trying to lose weight. We are offering 20% off tickets for this fast paced comedy about life, love and dieting – and how we all need to adjust the scales to find the right balance.

Set in an Easi-Slim clinic we meet the highly driven Pam and the motherly Breda. Both attend the weekly clinic for the weigh-in and strike up an unlikely friendship. While the voice of conscience booms from on high, the Easi-Slim instructor reigns over all.

Wednesday 29 April 2015 Book now!

We have free online booking until we re-open on Mon 5 January.

NB: Offer only available for one day only. Only available on online bookings (discount automatically applied when you add tickets to cart).

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12 Days of An Grianán! Day 3 – Live! Love! Laugh!

We’re closed for our Christmas holidays but we’ve lined up a few extra special online offers to tempt you over the festive period.

Starting on Christmas Day our ’12 Days of An Grianán’ will offer you a huge discount on a selection of shows including drama, music, comedy and summer schools! It’s a different offer every day so keep an eye on your inbox or follow us on twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on some substantial savings!

No doubt many of you will have tucked into the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special so you might be very interested in saving yourself a healthy 20% on tickets to seeing Winnie McGoogan herself Eilish O’Carroll who presents her autobiographical comedy show Live Love Laugh on Sat 7 February.

Eilish looks back on an eventful life that includes a strict Catholic upbringing, two failed marriages (one of them abusive), and coming out as a lesbian at the age of 50.

A huge hit at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 this is one show not to be missed! It is one of the most life affirming hours you could hope to spend in the theatre!

NB: contains adult content. Not suitable for under 16s,

We have free online booking until we re-open on Mon 5 January.

Live Love Laugh – Eilish O’Carroll
Saturday 7 February 2015 Book now! (discount automatically applied when you add tickets to cart)

NB: Offer only available for one day only. Only available on online bookings.

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Earagail Arts Festival 2014 at An Grianán Theatre

The 2014 Earagail Arts Festival will be taking place 12 to 26 July and we have three of our festival events open for booking right now!

We are opening the festival with Fiesta, a new drama commissioned especially for Earagail. It is a  celebration of the dancers, the chancers and the lovers who graced the Fiesta Ballroom, Letterkenny – the famous dancehall venue that formed a hugely important part of the social history of Donegal and the wider North West region. Fiesta runs for three nights, Sat 12 to Mon 14 July.

Little Howard’s Big Show for Kids at An Grianan Theatre Letterkenny 2014 Earagail Arts Festival

Little Howard’s Big Show for Kids at An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny – 2014 Earagail Arts Festival

Little Howard’s Big Show for Kids is on Tues 22 and Wed 23 July and is suitable for children and family audiences. Little Howard is the world’s only live interactive animation. He’s won so many awards and fantastic reviews and he’s only just celebrated his 6th birthday (for the tenth year in a row)! He’s also a published author and has done lots of television stuff, like The Royal Variety Performance, The Slammer (CBBC) and Little Howard’s Big Question (BBC1) – yes, he’s even had his own television show!

Comedy for adults comes from the Lords of Strut who are Cork performers Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally. In their new show Chaos, they  combine comedic theatrics with dance and acrobatics. Taking on the persona of celebrity-obsessed but socially impaired brothers these boys can move, they can lift, and they can make you laugh. A show with heart and muscle! It’s on Thurs 24 and Fri 25 July.

More events will be announced soon so make sure you are signed up to our newsletter for all the latest news.

[box style=”red” closable=”un-closable”] An Grianán Theatre is the official box office for the Earagail Arts Festival – two weeks of music, theatre, visual arts, film, literature, circus & carnival on Ireland’s North West Atlantic seaboard. More at[/box]

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Mark Thomas Venue Change

In our own act of minor dissent we’ve moved Friday night’s Mark Thomas gig to our lovely next door neighbors, the Regional Cultural Centre. Your ticket will still be valid for admission but please note that the seats are not numbered in the Cultural Centre so it’ll be first come, first served on the night.

And to whet your appetite for Friday night here’s an interview with Mark from yesterday’s Irish Times:

Mark Thomas: rebel with guffaws.

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