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Monologues, An Grianán Youth Theatre, 2021

February 2021

Presented by An Grianán Youth Theatre

Monologues – An Grianán Youth Theatre from AnGrianan Theatre on Vimeo.

Our youth theatre monologues project was created in an effort to try and maintain youth theatre classes during Covid-19 restrictions over Winter 2020. When we first pitched the project in August 2020, we were still in a level 3 lockdown and in person classes were feasible, albeit with very reduced class numbers. Our intention had been to deliver a hybrid programme of both in person and online classes. However within a few weeks we were at first moved to level 4 and then, with the rest of the country, level 5, and all of our classes had to be delivered online. Our members stuck with us and in December, adhering to very strict quarantine measures, we were finally able to get our students into the theatre, one by one, to film their monologues.

The students were from our senior youth theatre with an age range of 13 to 18.

Want to join our youth theatre? We’re currently taking a break but if you would to be added to our waiting list you can do so by sending an eMail here – use the subject line ‘Youth Theatre Waiting List’.

A Bedtime Story
Written and performed by Inan Ekici

Always and Forever
Written by Frankie Wade
Performed by Niamh Langan and Frankie Wade

Written and performed by
Evin O’Donnell

Written and performed by
Isaac Morrison

Written and performed by
Niamh Langan

Written by Erinn Sweeney
Performed by Alice O’Connor

Written and performed by
Shauna O’Donnell

My Last Word
Written by Kate Smyth
Performed by Zoe McCauley

Written and performed by
Jack Lydon

The Poem
Written and performed by
Siobhan O’Brien

The Proposition of Bianco Caruso
Written and performed by
Jade Ormond

The Undoing
Written by Ellen McMorrow
Performed by Ella Terry Sweeney

Director: Nora Kavanagh
Production Manager: Niall Cranney
Sound: Peter Rose
Filming: Eugene McGinty, Charlie Joe Doherty
Editing: Nicola Burns

Recorded at An Grianán Theatre, December 2020 in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions.

Special thanks to the team at the Regional Cultural Centre.

An Grianán Youth Theatre is an initiative of An Grianán Theatre.

All rights reserved.

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Protected: Drone Bone Jetty – theatre making in lockdown.

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Halloween Zoom class – new link

Youth Theatre members – we’re using a different link for this week’s special Halloween zoom class. We’ve emailed it out this afternoon. If you have not received it yet please drop us an email here.

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Youth Theatre Zoom Classes

Youth Theatre members – you should have received your invitation for today’s zoom classes already. If not please drop us an email here.

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Youth Theatre Classes will continue on Zoom

Now that level 3 restrictions are in effect we have had to close the theatre again but never fear! Youth theatre will continue.

We will be running the classes via Zoom this Wednesday. We’ll send the meeting invitation out by email before class.

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Welcome back to our youth theatre!

Youth theatre! We’re so happy to you have you back. It’s been a long, lonely summer here at An Grianán. Here’s Nora with a little overview of our new Covid precautions to keep us all as safe and sound as we can be.

Prior to starting classes you and your parent/guardian need to fill in our online registration form here.

If you haven’t already done so you can pay your course fee of €60 online here.

If you would prefer to pay by phone you can do so during box office opening hours which are 9.30am to 4pm Mon to Fri. The phone number is 0749120777. The box office will not be open during class time so make sure you have paid your fees in advance.

NB: if you have missed out on a place and want to be added to the waiting list please send an email with your details here.


Our guidelines have changed a little:

  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before class time.
  • Entry – Students will enter and exit the building by the dock bay at the side of stage. This is the large roller door to the rear of the building. Please do not enter by the usual front entrance.
  • Masks. It is the policy of An Grianán Theatre that all people entering the building wear masks. However as we can maintain the recommended 2 metre distance on stage, it is optional to wear your mask while in the performing space.  But once you leave the performing please put your mask on.
  • Tables at the back of the stage will be used for storing of students’ personal belongings.
  • The stage has been divided into 2 meter squares. Each student will have their own 2 metre performing square that will allow for the recommended minimum 2 metres social distancing.
  • Toilet breaks – students will use the toilet facilities in Dressing Room 2. Do not use the public toilets downstairs. NB: No more than 2 people can enter Dressing Room 2 at a time.
  • No entry elsewhere in the building. Our designated youth theatre area is the dock, stage and dressing room 2. Please do not leave this area.
  • Contact tracing – students will follow our Covid protocols. Hand sanitiser will be provided at entry and exit points. To avoid cross contamination you must bring you own pen to sign in with.
  • Parents/guardians will not able to stay in the building during class.
  • The stage will be cleaned and sanitised before each class.
  • A certified first aider will be available on site at all times.
  • Isolation room – Dressing 3 (beside the Green Room) is now our isolation room.  if you are feeling unwell during class you will be escorted to this room where you can safely wait until we can contact your parent/guardian.
  • Zoom – parents must give their consent for students to participate in online activities. This is part of your registration form. Make sure that you have filled it in before starting term.
  • In addition to the facilitator another member of An Grianán’s staff will sit in on Zoom classes as per child safe guarding recommendations from Youth Theatre Ireland.

And folks, if you are feeling unwell please don’t come to class.

NB: Covid19 guidelines can change at very short notice – please make sure we have your most up to date contact information so that we can get in touch quickly.


Wed 9 Sept to Thur 10 Dec 2020 (no class midterm break)

Class 1: 4.30pm to 5.30pm
Class 2: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

A maximum of 9 students per class.


We’re teaming up with the digital media at the Regional Cultural Centre to film your monologues. We’ll determine those filming dates later on but assume for now that we’ll probably have to fit in a few extra sessions in December to get those all done.


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Safe resumption of Youth Theatre classes. Things are going to be different.

Fat Sam's Gang. A scene from An Grianán Youth Theatre/On Cue Academy production of Bugsy Malone, Jan 2020. Left to right - Amy Doherty, Darragh Ramsay, Rudi Murphy Brown, Patrick McCormack, Isaac Morrison, Ethan Barron and (crouching) Evin O'Donnell. Photo by Paul McGuckin. All rights reserved.

We have spent a lot of time over the summer deciding on to how safely resume youth theatre classes and we have come up with what we feel is going to be a fun but challenging project for our autumn programme.

NB: places on our autumn project are only available to students who are already members of An Grianán Youth Theatre. In the event that we do not fill all places we will hold online auditions to fill any remaining places. If you would like to be added to the waiting list send an email with your details here.

First the less good news. In order to maintain social distancing the number of participants we can have per class has been severely reduced. We can no longer use the rehearsal room which means all classes will be on our stage with a maximum of 9 participants per class. We have also taken the decision to suspend our junior classes (ages 7 to 13) until Spring 2021 and will concentrate on delivering a high quality programme for our senior youth theatre (ages 14+).

Current members: Please have a read below of our proposed programme and if interested in taking part please let us know ASAP. You can eMail Nicola or leave her a message via the youth theatre’s facebook page or the theatre’s instagram account.

So what have we decided to?

Monologues and Devising – being able to deliver a good monologue is a key skill for any actor and this term that is going to be our focus. This reduces the need for close physical interaction between students while allowing everyone to work on a skill that will help prepare them for future auditions. As we are going to record and screen the monologues this programme will also serve as an introduction for acting for radio and screen, new skills for most of our students.

Rather than using an existing monologue students will work on devising their own short original work which will be recorded and screened in December. We have invited the digital media team from the Regional Cultural Centre to record the monologues using professional film and sound equipment while our inhouse technical team will make sure it all looks beautiful.

An Grianán Theatre's stage has been divided into 2 metre boxes for social distancing in workshops.

An Grianán Theatre’s stage has been divided into 2 metre boxes for social distancing in workshops.

Students will be assigned a box at the start of term which will be theirs for the duration of the course.

Students will be assigned a box at the start of term which will be theirs for the duration of the course.

How will it work?

We will hold classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Wednesday classes will be in person in the theatre. We will have two classes with a maximum of 9 participants per class. Classes will not be divided according to age. These classes will focus on performance.

Class 1: 4.30pm to 5.30pm (NB: this class is now fully booked)
Class 2: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Course fees can be paid online here.

Thursday classes will be online using Zoom. These will be group classes led by Nora and will focus on devising and writing your monologues. There will also be breakout rooms where students can work together in smaller groups.

We know that for a lot of you that one of the most important elements of being in youth theatre is hanging out with your friends so we hope that by offering the online classes that you can still enjoy some of that social interaction that we now can’t have in our in-person classes.


Proposed restart date: Wed 9 Sept for in person classes.

Classes to run until Thur 10 Dec (and take our traditional break at Halloween).


Assuming that we fill all available places we’ll have 18 monologues to film so dates to do that will be determined nearer the date but assume that there might be some additional filming/rehearsal days in December.


We are preparing a video with Nora to outline our new procedures but for now here is a quick overview of what’s happening.

  • The stage has been divided into 2 meter squares. Each student will have their own 2 metre performing square that will be theirs for the duration of the term. They can also keep their personal belongings in this space.
  • Separate entry and exit points. Students will enter by the stage dock and exit via the exit emergency at upstage left. Do not enter by the usual front entrance.
  • Contact tracing – students will follow our Covid protocols. Hand sanitiser will be provided at entry and exit points. They must bring their own pen to sign in with.
  • Classes will not be grouped by age. Students from the same household will be kept in the same class.
  • Please arrive just before class time to minimise time spent hanging around and socialising.
  • Parents/guardians will not able to stay in the building during class.
  • The stage will be cleaned and sanitised before each class.
  • A certified first aider will be available on site at all times.
  • Toilet breaks – students will use the toilet facilities in dressing rooms 1 and 2.
  • Zoom – parents must give their consent for students 16 and under to participate in online activities.
  • In addition to the facilitator another member of An Grianán’s staff will sit in on Zoom classes as per child safe guarding recommendations from Youth Theatre Ireland.
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Bugsy Malone, 2020

An Grianán Youth Theatre in association with On Cue Academy
Play by Alan Parker
Words and Music by Paul Williams
By arrangement with Faber Music Ltd on behalf of Warner/Chappell Music Ltd

Directed by Nora Kavanagh

An immersive version of Alan Parker’s classic musical performed by a cast of young actors from ages 12 to 18.

Performance Dates: Jan 2020

This was no ordinary production of Bugsy Malone as it was performed as an immersive, interactive production utlising almost every area of the theatre as a performing space. The stage became a speakeasy, then a boxing ring and back to a speakeasy, the foyers were the scenes of showdowns between Dandy Dan and Fat Sam, the car park a murder scene, the stage dock the secret entrance to Fat Sam’s speakeasy. The audience of 80 were led by the cast through areas of the theatre the public seldom see as scenes were performed simultaneously around the building – they were interrogated by detectives, became co-conspirators in the shady dealings of crime bosses, took part in auditions, were entertained by Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’s dancers and singers, and of course everyone got splurged at the end.

The Cast

Ailbhe McFadden – Waitress, Cagey Joe’s Assistant
Aileen McGovern – Paper Boy, Down n Out, Gangster DD, Boxer
Alanna Sweeney – Oscar, Chorus, Down n Out
Alice O’Connor – Chorus
Amy Doherty – Knuckles (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Amy McClintock – Blousey
Anna-Lee Timoney – Corpse, Speakeasy’s Resident Drunk
Bailey May Walsh – Chorus (Tilly)
Bonnie Hegarty – Leroy, Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Cian Donnelly – Gangster (Fat Sam’s Gang), Boxer, Down n Out, Paper Boy
Ciara Chernick – Doodle (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer
Darragh Ramsay – Bugsy
Eilisha Devlin – Angelo (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Ellen McMorrow – Seymour Scoop, Down n Out, Chorus
Elliot Stoneham – Down n Out, Boxer, Paper Boy
Eoin McGovern – Captain Smolsky, Down n Out, Boxer
Erinn Sweeny – Down n Out, Chorus
Ethan Barron – Fizzy
Evin O Domhnaill – Fat Sam
Fodhla Ferry – Down n Out, Boxer, Auditionee
Frankie Wade – Tallulah
Hanna Lynch – Paper Boy, Down n Out, Babyface
Imogen Mahon – Violinist, Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Inan Ekici – O’Dreary, Gangster (Fat Sam’s Gang), Down n Out
Isaac Morrisson – Cagey Joe, Flash Frankie, Ritzy (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Jack Lyden – Pop Becker/Shady, Boxer,
Jade Ormond – Louella, Police Officer, Boxer
James McCarron – Boxer, Down n Out
Karina Mc Gettigan – Dandy Dan’s Butler, Boxer, Down n Out
Kaylee Barnard – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer, Police Officer
Laura Foy – Down n Out, Violinist
Mark Laury Connolly – Dandy Dan
Niamh Langan – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer
Niamh Wilkin – Chorus
Orla Fabisiak – Bronx Charlie (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer
Orla Lloyd – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Orlaith Sweeney – Chorus
Patrick McCormack – Shake Down Louis (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Riona McFadden – Chorus
Rosie McGilvery – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Rudi Murphy Brown – Snake Eyes (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Saoirse Alleyne – Chorus
Shannon Wilkin – Looney, Lena, Barber, Down n Out
Shauna O’Donnell – Chorus, Police Officer
Yagmur Ekici – Chorus (Velma)
Yana Laszcziw – Chorus

The Crew

Aengus Friel Lawrence – Technician
Anne-marie Kilfeather – Costume Design
Christopher Kilmartin – Transition Year placement student
Daithi Ramsay – Videography, Marketing & Box Office Manager
Dermot O’Donnell – Usher
Harry McCafferty – Usher
Helene McMenamin – Administrator
Jaspar Kardos – Assistant Stage Manager
Joe Dowling – Usher
Jude Barriscale – Stage Manager
Laura Ferry – Assistant Administrator
Marian Funston – Front of House Manager
Martina Murphy – Community Employment Scheme Supervisor
Niall Cranney – Production Manager, Technical Manager, Lighting & Sound Design
Nicola Burns – Production Assistant, graphic design & videography, marketing & box office
Nora Kavanagh – Director, Choreographer, Production Manager,
Pat Campbell – Musician
Patricia McBride – An Grianán Theatre Director
Paul McGuckin – Production Photography
Peter Rose – Technician
Robert Attewell – Set Design & Construction
Shirley Gallagher – Front of House Manager
The Murray Brothers – Musicians
Trudi O’Donnell – Musical Director, Vocal Coach, marketing

Inhouse Productions

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Want to join our youth theatre?

An Grianan Youth Theatre's The Delphi Dilemma. April 2017. Photo by Paul McGuckin. All rights reserved.

We’ll be holding a free Taster workshop on Wed 28 August 2019 to recruit prospective members for our senior youth theatre. This is a great way to try out youth theatre and see if it’s for you. The workshop is open to young people ages 14 to 21.

The bad news! While we will do our best to accommodate everyone who attends the taster workshop, we only have a limited number of places available in our youth theatre so we cannot guarantee that everyone who attends the Taster workshop will subsequently be offered a place in the youth theatre. Unsuccessful candidates will be added to our waiting list in case of any cancellations.

What does our youth theatre do?

We run weekly classes for children and young people ages 7 to 21. Our senior classes are suitable for ages 14 to 21 and are held on Wednesday evenings during term time.

We believe strongly in learning through creative play and our classes are made up of an inventive mix of drama games and acting exercises.

You’ll be encouraged to improvise and creatively engage with the material provided by our tutors, sometimes from prepared scripts and sometimes from work devised entirely by the students.

Being a member of a youth theare allows opportunities for both creative and personal development through acting, drama and other performance techniques. Students will learn more about their own voices and movements as well as observing others through play and theatre games. Drama can also help to build confidence and to develop communication and co-operation skills.

Being a member of An Grianán Youth Theatre offers you the added bonus of learning theatre skills and stage craft in a professional theatre environment with access to highly trained facilitators, technical crew and equipment.

With an emphasis on performance, you’ll be offered an insight into many aspects of professional theatre production. Our youth theatre is also an ideal stepping stone for those of you wishing to go on to study acting, theatre and performing arts at third level.

An Grianan Youth Theatre: rehearsals for Blackadder Goes Forth, July 2017.

Our recent projects include Blackadder Goes Forth, 2017, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, 2018, The Selkie, 2018, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (site specific performance at Glenveagh National Park), 2019. Plans for this year include working with a guest tutor from Fidget Feet Theatre for their upcoming production Bingo Wings.

We are an affiliate member of Youth Theatre Ireland, the national organisation for youth theatres in Ireland, which means our members get the opportunity to take part in YTI events like the National Festival of Youth Theatres, the National Youth Theatre and the Young Critics programme.

Our taster workshop will be on Wed 28 Aug at 4.30pm and will be 90 minutes long. You can reserve a place by calling the box office on 074 912 0777, or leave a message on our facebook page.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 2019

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
in a site specific version devised by the students of An Grianán Youth Theatre from the original novel by Lewis Carroll.
Performed at Glenveagh National Park, Sat 15 June 2019 for Cruinniú na nOg.

Set in the beautiful gardens of Glenveagh Castle, this promenade style show was been devised by youth theatre members with director Nora Kavanagh, and featured many of Lewis Carroll’s memorable characters while incorporating elements from Glenveagh’s history to create a Donegal Wonderland. The three hour long performance featured a mixture of art installations, character walkabouts and live performances.


Chapter 1: Down The Rabbit Hole – at the Car Park/Visitors’ Centre Art (sound Installation & character walkabout)

Chapter 2: The Pool of Tears – in the swimming pool by the Boat House (art installation)

Chapter 3: The Caucus Race and a Long Tale – at the sundial in the Walled garden (1pm performance)

Chapter 4: The Rabbit Sends a Little Bill – The Boat House (art installation)

Chapter 5: Advice From a Caterpillar – at the View Garden (1.30pm performance)

Chapter 6: Pig and Pepper – in the Walled Garden (character walkabout)

Chapter 7: A Mad Tea-Party – in the Pleasure Grounds (performance 2pm)

Chapter 8: The Queen’s Croquet Ground – in the Tuscan Gardens (performance 2.30pm)

Chapter 9: The Mock Turtle’s Story in the Thyme Out Cafe

Chapter 10: Lobster Quadrille – in the courtyard outside the cafe (performance 3pm)

Chapter 11: Who Stole The Tarts? – in the Tuscan garden’s during Queen’s Croquet (character walkabout 2.30pm)

Chapter 12: Alice’s Evidence – in the Italian Terrace (performance 3.30pm)


Iga Blaszyk
Laramie Carey
Ciara Chernick
Elisha Devlin
Inan Ekici
Laura Foy
Kayleigh Gallagher
Jasper Kardos
Niamh Langan
Orla Lloyd
Saoirlaith Lusson
Megan Lynch
Amy McClintock
Patrick McCormack
Karina McGettigan
Mya McLaughlin
Maiya McMonagle
Ellen McMurrow
Angelique Mourier
Lucy Muldoon
Shauna O’Donnell
Jade Ormond
Aaron Quinn
Alanna Sweeney
Erinn Sweeney
Niamh Wilkin
Shannen Wilkin

Production Team

Director: Nora Kavanagh
Dramaturg: Kerri Lammas
Production Manager: Niall Cranney
Set/Prop Design: Robert Attewell
Costume Design: Annemarie Kilfeather
Technical Team: Annemarie Langan, Fergal Lonergan, Nora Kavanagh, Kerri Lammas
Photography/Videography: Nicola Burns, Daithi Ramsay, Emory Ramsay
Programme Design & Illustration: Nicola Burns

Project supported by An Grianán Theatre, Donegal County Library, Donegal County Council and Creative Ireland.

Special thanks to Therese, Sean and all the staff at Glenveagh National Park for their warm and accommodating welcome. Thank you to Donegal County Council for supporting this project and to Grove Furnishings and Studio 2 for assistance with props and costumes.

Inhouse Productions

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