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Shoot the Gear, 2017

An Grianán on tour: Shoot the Gear by Guy Le JeuneA play by Guy Le Jeune, presented by An Grianán Theatre in association with the Donegal Bay and Blue Stacks Festival



Shoot the Gear is a play exploring the fishing industry and the way of life in Killybegs, Ireland’s largest fishing port. The work has been created in partnership with An Grianán Theatre and facilitated by the Killybegs Fishermens Organisation, whose support of the project has proved crucial in gaining access to, and the trust of, all manner of people from fishermen and their wives and families, to buyers and sellers, net makers and menders, boatyard men, harbour staff, factory workers and more.

Featuring original songs, laughter, stories and experiences, drawn form the memories and reminiscences of the fishing community of Killybegs.


Fionn Robinson
Louise Conaghan
Orlaith Gilchreest
Ronan Carr

Inhouse Productions

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Blackadder Goes Forth, 2017

An Grianán Youth Theatre's Blackadder Goes Forth, July 2017. Photo by Rik Walton.

An Grianán Youth Theatre

Presented by An Grianán Theatre in association with Earagail Arts Festival

Thurs 6 to Sat 8 July 2017

It’s 1917. Captain Edmund Blackadder finds himself deep in the trenches of World War 1 at the mercy of the patently insane General Melchett. Determined to avoid being sent ‘over the top’ to certain death, he devises a number of outlandish schemes to try and escape the frontlines, all with the less than able assistance of his colleagues – the overly enthusiastic Lieutenant George and the doggedly stupid Private Baldrick. Meanwhile his main obstacle for escape remains Captain Darling, who is equally determined that Blackadder be present for the big push.

Side splittingly funny, Blackadder Goes Forth brilliantly blends light comedy with gallows humour while delivering a poignant message on the futility of war.

Adapted for the stage by Fergal Lonergan and based on the original TV series by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton. Directed by John D Ruddy. By kind permission of Tiger Aspect Productions. Supported by Donegal County Council.


Captain Blackadder – Fergal Lonergan
Private Baldrick – Joseph Gallagher
Lieutenant George – Ronan McGrath
Captain Darling – Oscar Murtagh
General Melchett – Adam Boyle
Corporal Perkins – Jasper Kardos
Sergeant Jones – Kieron Clarke
Private Tipplewick – Sarah Masterson/Laramie Carey
Private Robinson – Callum Connolly Galway
Private Fraser – Ryan McKelvey
Sir Douglas Haig – Ryan McKelvey
Lord Flasheart – Emory Ramsay
Baron von Richthofen – Kai McHugh


Directed by John D Ruddy
Adapted by Fergal Lonergan
Stage Manager – Jude Barriscale
Lighting Design – Angel Humm
Sound Design – Lee Russell
Costume Design – Annemarie Kilfeather
Set Design & construction – Niall Cranney, Robert Attewell with
assistance from the youth theatre
Music performed by Emory Ramsay
Production Photography – Rik Walton
Publicity photos – Paul McGuckin, Annemarie Kilfeather
Graphic Design – Nicola Burns
Youth theatre technical mentors: Niall Cranney and Peter Rose
Project co-ordinator: Nicola Burns

With thanks to Traolach O’Fionnain, Donegal County Council Arts Office, Earagail Arts Festival, Guy Barriscale, Balor Arts Centre, Fiona McDaid, Pluincead O’Fearraigh, Jonathan Burgess, Eoghan MacGiolla Bhrighde, Mourne Antiques, and Josie at Curiosity Corner.

Inhouse Productions

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The Catcher in the Rye, 2017

Jasper Kardos, Fergal Lonergan and Joseph Gallagher in The Catcher in the Rye, 2017.

By J.D. Salinger, adapted for the stage by Murray Learmont, with additional scenes by Fergal Lonergan.

Presented by An Grianán Youth Theatre’s Advanced Class April 2017.


Holden Private – Jasper Kardos
Holden Public – Fergal Lonergan
Nurse 1 – Emory Ramsay
Nurse 2 – Orla MacRory
Mrs Spencer – Sarah Masterson
Mr Spencer – Adam Boyle
Straadlater – Callum Connolly Galway
Ackley – Ryan McKelvey
Horowitz – Joe Gallagher
Maurice – Joe Gallagher
Sunny – Emory Ramsay
Sister Mary – Sarah Masterson
Sister Michael – Callum Connolly Galway
Louie Gormon – Kai McHugh
Phoebe – Laramie Carey
Granny – Ryan McKelvey
Sally Hayes – Orla MacRory

Production Team

Director – Fergal Lonergan
Sound – Lee Russell
Lighting – Angel Humm
Stage Manager – Ultan Farrell
Drama Facilitator – Nora Kavanagh

Inhouse Productions

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The Delphi Dilemma, 2017

An Grianán Youth Theatre's The Delphi Dilemma, 2017
By Jonathan Caldicott

Presented by An Grianán Youth Theatre’s Intermediate Class April 2017.


Mr Teller – Adam Nee
Pauline – Maeve Foley
Rebecca – Alanna Sweeney
Fiona – Shannen Wilkin
Katie – Jade Ormond
Zara – Iga Blaszyk
Louise – Praise Adetuyi
Peter – Laura Foy
Gary – Louie Murphy
Adam – Darragh Ramsay
Andrew – Isaac Morrison
Paul – Eoin O’ Donnell
Justin – Aaron Quinn
Dan – Daisy Bazeley
Terry – Oran Callaghan
Will – Ciaran Doyle
Rich – Anthony O’ Connor
Wendy – Kira Mills

Production Team

Director – Fergal Lonergan
Sound – Lee Russell
Lighting – Angel Humm
Stage Manager – Ultan Farrell
Drama Facilitator – Nora Kavanagh

Inhouse Productions

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Unified the Musical, 2016

Unified the Musical by An Grianán Theatre in assoc with Earagail Arts Festival 2016.
An Grianán Theatre production in association with the Earagail Arts Festival
Thursday 21 to Saturday 23 July 2016

Written by Guy Le Jeune

Directed by David Grant

“Come along and sing along… a 1, 2, 3, 4… We’re the UNIFI plant, quality through pride, in big blue letters, says the sign outside”.

Before Pramerica, Boston Scientific and Zeus came to Donegal there was Unifi, part of the North West’s large textile industry that encompassed Fruit of the Loom in Buncrana and Adria and O’Neills in Strabane.

A million, million miles of yarn and thousands of people passed through the doors of Courtaulds Lirrelle and Unifi. For over thirty years it was a major employer in the North West in a time of rapid social change; every department a tribe and every shift a personality.

Lives were changed, skills learned, friendships formed, partners met, and families reared on the wages.

Unified takes all those personal stories and wraps them up in one big rip-roaring musical extravaganza.

As well as a large cast and chorus, Unified features country and western tunes, 1930s flappers, hip-hop and blues, movement and mime, puppets and polyester.

Writer Guy Le Jeune is Theatre-Artist-in-Residence at An Grianán Theatre, supported by the Donegal County Council and the Arts Council. His previous plays at An Grianán include On The Camel’s Hump, Fiesta and I Would Walk These Fields Again.

Unified is An Grianán Theatre production in association with the Earagail Arts Festival, and supported by the Donegal County Council and the Arts Council.


Tomás Barriscale
Christian Carbin
Kieron Clarke
Louise Conaghan
Angel Cranney
Mary Deeny
Joe Dowling
Orlaith Gilcreest
Gary Gomringer
Angel Humm
Mary Jo Kingston
Fergal Lonergan
Sarah Masterson
Kevin McCarron
Eugene McGee
Criostíona McGettigan
Eoghan Mac Giolla Brighde
Mark Mills
Aisling Ni Fhionnáin
Aidan O’Shea
Patrick Quinn
Roise Quinn
John Ruddy
Katja Schwenker
Annette Sheridan
John Wilkie


Peadar Coll
Damien Doherty
Fionn Robinson
Martin McIntyre

Creative Team

Written by Guy Le Jeune
Directed by David Grant
Original Music by Fionn Robinson
Choreography by Aoife Toner
Stage Manager: Tanya McLaughlin
Costume Design: Joanne Quigley
Assistant Stage Manager/Costume Assistant: Jude Barriscale
Lighting & Set Design: Niall Cranney
Sound Design: Peter Rose
Producers: Patricia McBride and Paul Brown
Technicians & Set Construction: Robert Attewell, Somhairle Brennan, Annemarie Kilfeather, Eoghan Mac Giolla Brighde, Adrian Wall.
Marketing/Graphics – Nicola Burns, Daithi Ramsay

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Fiesta, 2014, 2015

Fiesta, a community theatre project originally commisioned for the 2014 Earagail Arts Festival as a co-production between  An Grianán Theatre, Earagail Arts Festival, and Donegal County Council Arts Office and was supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Failte Ireland and Donegal County Council.

A play with music by Guy Le Jeune

Based on an original concept by Paul Brown, Director, Earagail Arts Festival.

Fiesta was a community theatre project originally commisioned for the 2014 Earagail Arts Festival as a co-production between  An Grianán Theatre, Earagail Arts Festival, and Donegal County Council Arts Office and was supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Failte Ireland and Donegal County Council.

July 2014, Nov 2015

Fiesta is a celebration of the dancers, the chancers and the lovers who graced the Fiesta Ballroom. Below the red neon sign, the doors of the Fiesta Ballroom first opened on October 5th 1962. The music of Capitol Showband played out to two thousand people at ten bob a head. They came from across Donegal and further afield, thumbing lifts, rattling on Swilly buses or crammed into Austins and Hillmans. The air was thick with the scent of Brylcreem and hairspray, cigarette smoke and McDaids minerals. Fiesta celebrates those magical times, from 1962 until the roller disco years. Come along and travel back in time for an evening of music, of memories and of the stories that made the Fiesta so unique.

Cast (2014)

Jason Daly – Sean
Joseph Gallagher – Mickey
Orla McGranaghan – Rosie
Fionn Robinson – Paddy
Sorcha Shanahan – Margaret
Valerie Bryce
Sinead Gallagher
Margaret Hannon
Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhrighde
John Ruddy

Amanda Witherow, Annette McCarron, Bernie Wilson, Clare Beek, Cronan Scanlon, Esther McCorkell, Fadl Mustapha, Geraldine Herron, Kelly McIntyre, Tommy Nunan, Trevor Doherty and Margaret Martin.

Creative Team

Writer: Guy Le Jeune
Director: Sean Donegan
Producer: Patricia McBride
Choreographer: Aoife Toner
Production Manager & Lighting Design: Niall Cranney
Stage Manager: Maeve Sweeney
Set Design & Construction: Alan McLaughlin
Costumes: Mary Kelly
Hairdressing: Tanya Black Harrison

Cast (2015)

Philip Doherty – Mickey
Sinead Gallagher – Eileen
Orlaith Gilcreest – Various Characters
Marie Kelly – Margaret
Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhrighde – Leo
Andy McGranaghan – Sean
Orla McGranaghan – Rosie
Fionn Robinson – Paddy
John Ruddy – John

Joseph Dowling, Eimear Giblin, Brid Falconer, Margaret Martin, Sharon McMenamin, Mary Mulvaney, Thomas Nelis, Tommy Nunan, Louise Ozbay and Andrew Tinney

Creative Team

Writer: Guy Le Jeune
Director: Rachael Devir
Producer: Patricia McBride
Choreographer: Aoife Toner
Production Manager & Lighting Design: Niall Cranney
Costumes: Mary Kelly
Hairdressing: Tanya Black Harrison
Stage Manager: Tanya McLaughlin
Stage Assistant: Sharon McMenamin
Technicians: Peter Rose, Adrian Wall, Robert, Anne Marie Kilfeather
Set Design & Construction: Alan McLaughlin
Production photos: Declan Doherty

Inhouse Productions

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I Would Walk These Fields Again

John D Ruddy and Louise Conaghan in I Would Walk These Fields by An Grianán Theatre Productions

I Would Walk These Fields Again
by Guy Le Jeune
Based on the life of Canon James McDyer of Glencolmcille.

October 2015
Beltaine Tour, May 2016

Featuring John D Ruddy and Louise Conaghan

Father James McDyer was born in Glenties in 1910. Ordained in Maynooth, he spent ten years in London during the Second World War, tending to the needs of the emigrant Irish population. He returned to Ireland, spending four years on Tory Island before being sent to the parish of Glencolmcille in South-West Donegal, in 1951. From then until his death in 1987 he worked tirelessly against what he termed “the curse of emigration”.

He encouraged new enterprises, set up a cooperative, persuaded government ministers and their departments to support his ideas and inspired the community to help themselves, rather than rely on handouts from the State. In his own words, he described himself as a “Christian Communist”, taking his inspiration from the political turmoil and radical ideas of the early twentieth century. He was man of great energy, humour and conviction. Drawing from interviews, archive material and Father McDyer’s own writings, I Would Walk These Fields Again, is a celebration of McDyer’s life, his work and his legacy.

Inhouse Productions

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Frank Pig Says Hello, 2014, 2015

Produced by An Grianán Theatre

Written by Pat McCabe

Directed by David Grant


Patrick McBrearty
Stefan Dunbar

Frank Pig Says Hello is Pat McCabe’s stage version of his acclaimed novel The Butcher Boy. It is a poignant and provocative journey into the heart and mind of Francie Brady, a young man who is driven beyond the boundaries of his mental and emotional health.

A black comedy with an inventive fusion of storytelling and role play where over 30 characters are played by two versatile actors the production offers a highly theatrical experience.

Challenging but rewarding, Frank Pig Says Hello is at times breath taking, often haunting and always hugely entertaining.

Production Credits

Producer – Patricia McBride
Production Manager – Niall Cranney
Technician – Peter Rose
Set Design and Construction – Alan McLaughlin
Set construction assistants – Paul McHugh, Gerard Spendley
Costume Designer – Joanne Quigley
Stage Management Intern – Jude Barriscale
Box Office and Marketing Manager – Daithi Ramsay
Box Office and Marketing Assistant, Graphic Design – Nicola Burns
Administrator – Helene McMenamin
Administrative Assistant – Laura Ferry

Tour Dates 2015

Tues 21 April
Waterside Theatre, Glendermott Road, Derry/Londonderry, BT47 6BG
Box Office +44 (0) 2871 31 4000

Thur 23 April
Pavilion Theatre, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire
Box Office 01 231 2929

Tues 28 and Wed 29 April
Everyman Theatre, 15 MacCurtain Street, Cork
Box Office 021 450 1673

Thur 30 April
Mullingar Arts Centre, Lower Mount Street, Mullingar
Box Office 044 47777

Wed 6 May
Riverbank Arts Centre, Main Street, Newbridge, Co.Kildare
Box Office 045 448327

Thur 7 to Sat 9 May
Civic Theatre, Tallaght, Dublin 12
Box Office 01 4627477

Tues 12 to Thu 14 May
Lyric Theatre (in The Naughton Studio), 55 Ridgeway Street, Belfast, BT9 5FB
Box Office 028 9038 1081

Fri 15 May
Alley Theatre, Railway Street, Strabane, BT82 8EF
Box Office 028 7138 4444

Sat 16 May
An Grianán Theatre
Box Office 0749120777

Tues 19 May
Strule Arts Centre, Townhall Square, Omagh BT78 1BL
Box Office 028 8224 7831

Thurs 21 and Fri 22 May
Town Hall Theatre, Courthouse Square, Galway
Box Office 091 569777

Sat 23 May
Íontas Centre, Conabury, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan
Box Office 042 9753400

Tour Dates 2014

Fri 12 and Sat 13 September at 7.30pm,
Tues 23 Sept at 7.30pm
The Brian Friel Theatre, 20 University Square, Belfast, BT7 1NN
Booking 028 9097 1382 or

Tues 16 September at 8pm
The Garage Theatre, Old Armagh Road, Monaghan
Box Office 047 81597

Thur 18 September at 8pm
Ardhowen Theatre, 97 Dublin Road, Derrychara, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, BT74 6FZ
Box Office 028 663 25440

Sat 20 September at 8pm, Mon 22 September at 11am
An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny
Box Office 074 912 0777

Wed 24 September at 8.30pm
Backstage Theatre, Farneyhoogan, Longford
Box Office 043 3347888

Thur 25 September at 8pm
Market Place Theatre, Market St, Armagh BT61 7BW
Box Office 028 3752 1821

Fri 26 September at 8.30pm
Droichead Arts Centre, Stockwell St, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Box Office 041 9833946

Sat 27 September at 8pm
Roscommon Arts Centre, Circular Rd, Roscommon
Box Office 090 662 5824

Tues 30 September at 8.30pm
The Dock, St Georges Terrace, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim
Box Office 071 96 50828

Thur 2 October at 8pm
The Hawks Well Theatre, Temple Street, Sligo
Box Office 071 9161518

Donegal Bay & Bluestacks Festival 2014
Wed 1 Oct at 8.30pm
Abbey Arts Centre, Ballyshannon

Fri 3 Oct at 8.30pm
Glenties Community Hall, Glenties

Sat 4 October at 8pm
An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny
Box Office 074 912 0777

Inhouse Productions

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Caisleáin Óir, 2013

Caisleain Oir, November 2013. Photo by Donna McBride, Donegal News.

November 2013

An Grianán Theatre in association with Making Waves

Based on the novel “CAISLEÁIN ÓIR” by SEAMUS Ó GRIANNA, published by MERCIER PRESS

We presented Caisleáin Óir as our flagship production for The Gathering in 2013 (a tourism initiative aimed at encouraging the Irish diaspora to return to Ireland).

This beautiful musical, in English, is based on the story by the famous Donegal writer, Séamus Ó Grianna. Featuring a cast of 60 performers, at the centre of Caisleain Oir (‘golden castles’) is the love story of childhood sweethearts Séimí Gallagher and Babaí Mháirtín Friel and what happens to them when poverty forces Séimi to emigrate to America. Through music, dance and song, we see the life of Donegal people at the end of the 19th and early 20th century. Hardships, eviction and emigration contrast with playing on the beach, fair days, dances, cards and céilís.

Music and Lyrics by LESLIE LONG
Additional Music and Lyrics by KATHLEEN RUDDY
Translated to English by SEAN Ó DUIBHIR and JOSEPH BRENNAN
Initial Research by Packie Boner

PRODUCER Patricia McBride
IRISH DANCE SEQUENCES choreographed by Nora Kavanagh

SÉIMÍ Chris McLaughlin
BABAÍ Catriona Doherty
SÉIMÍ ÓG Oisín Nee
BABAÍ ÓG Sophie McCauley
SÉIMÍ (aged 5) Mark Lowry Connelly
SARAH GALLAGHER Michelle Nic Grianna
GRANNY Rachel Akkoç
EAMONN Brendan Horgan
MRS FRIEL Mary Harkin
MEABH Maighréad Hanlon
ANNA Caroline Dorrian
PÁDRAIG Ó DÁLAIGH Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde
SIUBHÁN Ríana Lynch
BAILIFF Jim McLaughlin
MÁIRE Winnie Felle

Alannah Ferry
Meabh Foley
Brendan Horgan
Conor Horgan
Brooke McCauley
Kira Mills
Lydia Neeley
John Quinn
Roise Quinn
Taylor Staritt
Cloadagh Sweeney
Shannen Wilkin

Tomás Barriscale
Emma Rose Callaghan
Hugh Carr
Michael Carroll
Crona Kerr
Rosie McGarvey
Liam Molloy
Róisín Ní Churráin
Ronan O’Donnell
Margery Quinn
Patrick Quinn
Megan Reid
Anita Shovlin

Charlie Boyle
Margaret Brennan
Ellen Druce
Eimear Gallagher
Pauline Hunter
Phyllis Loughrey
Seamus Loughrey
Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde
Niall McDonagh
Eddie McFadden
Connie McKelvey
Liam Molloy
Hillary Russell
Sammy Russell
Anita Shovlin
Sophia Strain

Nora Kavanagh
Eimear Gallagher
Sammy Russell

Josie McKelvey
Patrick McNulty

Robert Peoples

PAGE TURNER Caitríona Doherty
VIOLIN Robert Peoples
FLUTE Eileen Carr
BASS Michael Gillespie

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Mass Appeal, 2013

August, September 2013

By Bill C Davis

Directed by Sean McCormack


Eoghan Mac Ghiolla Bhride

John D Ruddy

Father Tim Farley (Eoghan Mac Ghiolla Bhride) is highly popular with his parishioners due to his charm, wit, easy-going manner and entertaining but unchallenging sermons. One Sunday, seminarian Mark Dolson (John D Ruddy) interrupts Father Farley’s sermon to challenge his stance on the ordination of women. The pastor is both outraged and intrigued by the young man, and asks to have him assigned to work with him. Each man has something to teach the other about how to perform his priestly duties.

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