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Monologues, An Grianán Youth Theatre, 2021

February 2021

Presented by An Grianán Youth Theatre

Monologues – An Grianán Youth Theatre from AnGrianan Theatre on Vimeo.

Our youth theatre monologues project was created in an effort to try and maintain youth theatre classes during Covid-19 restrictions over Winter 2020. When we first pitched the project in August 2020, we were still in a level 3 lockdown and in person classes were feasible, albeit with very reduced class numbers. Our intention had been to deliver a hybrid programme of both in person and online classes. However within a few weeks we were at first moved to level 4 and then, with the rest of the country, level 5, and all of our classes had to be delivered online. Our members stuck with us and in December, adhering to very strict quarantine measures, we were finally able to get our students into the theatre, one by one, to film their monologues.

The students were from our senior youth theatre with an age range of 13 to 18.

Want to join our youth theatre? We’re currently taking a break but if you would to be added to our waiting list you can do so by sending an eMail here – use the subject line ‘Youth Theatre Waiting List’.

A Bedtime Story
Written and performed by Inan Ekici

Always and Forever
Written by Frankie Wade
Performed by Niamh Langan and Frankie Wade

Written and performed by
Evin O’Donnell

Written and performed by
Isaac Morrison

Written and performed by
Niamh Langan

Written by Erinn Sweeney
Performed by Alice O’Connor

Written and performed by
Shauna O’Donnell

My Last Word
Written by Kate Smyth
Performed by Zoe McCauley

Written and performed by
Jack Lydon

The Poem
Written and performed by
Siobhan O’Brien

The Proposition of Bianco Caruso
Written and performed by
Jade Ormond

The Undoing
Written by Ellen McMorrow
Performed by Ella Terry Sweeney

Director: Nora Kavanagh
Production Manager: Niall Cranney
Sound: Peter Rose
Filming: Eugene McGinty, Charlie Joe Doherty
Editing: Nicola Burns

Recorded at An Grianán Theatre, December 2020 in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions.

Special thanks to the team at the Regional Cultural Centre.

An Grianán Youth Theatre is an initiative of An Grianán Theatre.

All rights reserved.

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Bugsy Malone, 2020

An Grianán Youth Theatre in association with On Cue Academy
Play by Alan Parker
Words and Music by Paul Williams
By arrangement with Faber Music Ltd on behalf of Warner/Chappell Music Ltd

Directed by Nora Kavanagh

An immersive version of Alan Parker’s classic musical performed by a cast of young actors from ages 12 to 18.

Performance Dates: Jan 2020

This was no ordinary production of Bugsy Malone as it was performed as an immersive, interactive production utlising almost every area of the theatre as a performing space. The stage became a speakeasy, then a boxing ring and back to a speakeasy, the foyers were the scenes of showdowns between Dandy Dan and Fat Sam, the car park a murder scene, the stage dock the secret entrance to Fat Sam’s speakeasy. The audience of 80 were led by the cast through areas of the theatre the public seldom see as scenes were performed simultaneously around the building – they were interrogated by detectives, became co-conspirators in the shady dealings of crime bosses, took part in auditions, were entertained by Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’s dancers and singers, and of course everyone got splurged at the end.

The Cast

Ailbhe McFadden – Waitress, Cagey Joe’s Assistant
Aileen McGovern – Paper Boy, Down n Out, Gangster DD, Boxer
Alanna Sweeney – Oscar, Chorus, Down n Out
Alice O’Connor – Chorus
Amy Doherty – Knuckles (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Amy McClintock – Blousey
Anna-Lee Timoney – Corpse, Speakeasy’s Resident Drunk
Bailey May Walsh – Chorus (Tilly)
Bonnie Hegarty – Leroy, Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Cian Donnelly – Gangster (Fat Sam’s Gang), Boxer, Down n Out, Paper Boy
Ciara Chernick – Doodle (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer
Darragh Ramsay – Bugsy
Eilisha Devlin – Angelo (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Ellen McMorrow – Seymour Scoop, Down n Out, Chorus
Elliot Stoneham – Down n Out, Boxer, Paper Boy
Eoin McGovern – Captain Smolsky, Down n Out, Boxer
Erinn Sweeny – Down n Out, Chorus
Ethan Barron – Fizzy
Evin O Domhnaill – Fat Sam
Fodhla Ferry – Down n Out, Boxer, Auditionee
Frankie Wade – Tallulah
Hanna Lynch – Paper Boy, Down n Out, Babyface
Imogen Mahon – Violinist, Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Inan Ekici – O’Dreary, Gangster (Fat Sam’s Gang), Down n Out
Isaac Morrisson – Cagey Joe, Flash Frankie, Ritzy (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Jack Lyden – Pop Becker/Shady, Boxer,
Jade Ormond – Louella, Police Officer, Boxer
James McCarron – Boxer, Down n Out
Karina Mc Gettigan – Dandy Dan’s Butler, Boxer, Down n Out
Kaylee Barnard – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer, Police Officer
Laura Foy – Down n Out, Violinist
Mark Laury Connolly – Dandy Dan
Niamh Langan – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer
Niamh Wilkin – Chorus
Orla Fabisiak – Bronx Charlie (Dandy Dan’s Gang), Boxer
Orla Lloyd – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Orlaith Sweeney – Chorus
Patrick McCormack – Shake Down Louis (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Riona McFadden – Chorus
Rosie McGilvery – Gangster (Dandy Dan’s Gang)
Rudi Murphy Brown – Snake Eyes (Fat Sam’s Gang)
Saoirse Alleyne – Chorus
Shannon Wilkin – Looney, Lena, Barber, Down n Out
Shauna O’Donnell – Chorus, Police Officer
Yagmur Ekici – Chorus (Velma)
Yana Laszcziw – Chorus

The Crew

Aengus Friel Lawrence – Technician
Anne-marie Kilfeather – Costume Design
Christopher Kilmartin – Transition Year placement student
Daithi Ramsay – Videography, Marketing & Box Office Manager
Dermot O’Donnell – Usher
Harry McCafferty – Usher
Helene McMenamin – Administrator
Jaspar Kardos – Assistant Stage Manager
Joe Dowling – Usher
Jude Barriscale – Stage Manager
Laura Ferry – Assistant Administrator
Marian Funston – Front of House Manager
Martina Murphy – Community Employment Scheme Supervisor
Niall Cranney – Production Manager, Technical Manager, Lighting & Sound Design
Nicola Burns – Production Assistant, graphic design & videography, marketing & box office
Nora Kavanagh – Director, Choreographer, Production Manager,
Pat Campbell – Musician
Patricia McBride – An Grianán Theatre Director
Paul McGuckin – Production Photography
Peter Rose – Technician
Robert Attewell – Set Design & Construction
Shirley Gallagher – Front of House Manager
The Murray Brothers – Musicians
Trudi O’Donnell – Musical Director, Vocal Coach, marketing

Inhouse Productions

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Shaking the Tale: The Winter’s Tale, 2019

A bohemian party in Magilligan. An Grianán Theatre and Parrabbola's Creative Europe funded production of The Winter's Tale. July 2019. Photo by David Faughnan. All rights reserved.

An Grianán Theatre and Parrabbola in association with Earagail Arts Festival and Donegal County Arts Office

The Winter’s Tale
by William Shakespeare
July 2019

Directed by Philip Parr

Performance locations:

Ballymacool Town Park & An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny
Greencastle, Donegal & Magilligan, Derry/Londonderry.

Produced by An Grianán Theatre (IRE) and Parrabbola (UK) this large scale, immersive community theatre production crossed the borders, the traditions and the waters of the north west.

Two Kingdoms, Sicilia and Bohemia divided by an ocean; two kings, raised together, but at odds without reason, a wronged queen; a lost princess, prison sentences, tragic deaths, bears and ocean voyages.

This immersive promenade show featured live music, a garden party, food and for our Inishowen performances, a ferry crossing.

Our Letterkenny performances were in An Grianán Theatre (Fri 19 July, moved indoors due to poor weather),  Ballymacool Town Park (Sat 20 July) while our Inishowen performances (Tues 23 & Wed 24 July) took place either side of the Foyle with the show including a ferry ride from Greencastle to Magilligan and back.

The Cast


The Royal Family

Leontes, King of Sicilia – David Monteith
Hermione, his Queen, daughter of the Emperor of Russia – Katie Prinsloo
Mamillius, their son, a Prince – Darragh Dunne O’Sullivan

The Court

Camillo, chief of staff to Leontes and his closest friend and adviser – Sean Donegan
Solius, the most senior of the lords and First Minister to the King – Aiden O’Shea
Antigonus, a noble lord, member of the inner cabinet and husband to Paulina – Cathal Stephens
Adamus, a young nobleman, and keeper of the prison – Anthony Redmond
Paulina, a noble lady, friend to Leontes and Hermione and wife to Antigonus – Maggie Hannon
Cleomenes, a noble lady, member of the court and the King’s ambassador – Razan Elnaim
Dion, a noble lady member of the court and the King’s ambassador – Saja Elnaim

In the Palace

Emilia, principal lady in waiting to Hermione – Marie Kelly
Iras, a singer, and lady in waiting – Christiona McGettigan
Samina, nurse to the Prince Mamillius, and a valued member of the Royal household – Laura Dunne


The Royal Family

Polixenes, King of Bohemia, childhood friend of Leontes – Tom Nelis
Florizel, his son, a prince – Jasper Lee Kardos
Narcisa, a noble woman in the Bohemian court and the Kings trusted messenger – Louise McCrossan
Theodora, a noble woman in the Bohemian court, sent as emissary to Sicilia – Triona Burke
Archidamus, captain of the King’s private ship, and a respected member of his entourage – Fionn Robinson

In the country

The Shepherd, an unlearned old man, farming and living simply in a remote rural community – Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhrigdhe
The Clown, his son, an honest but simple man full of hard work and loyalty – Oscar Murtagh
Perdita, a foundling, taken in by the Shepherd and brought up as his daughter and The Clown’s sister – Laramie Carey
Tereza, a country lass who sings very sweetly and prefers making music to making hay – Maryann McDonnell
Autolycus, a rogue – Patrick Quinn

In both countries

The Guides, who lead us through the story, and police Sicilia and Bohemia – Siobhan Coyle, Ciara Cunnane, Nicky Peeters, Guy Le Jeune

The Bohemians Musicians

Fionn Robinson, guitar
Dónall McGinley, fiddle and pipes
Matthew Melia, percussion
Siobhan Shiels, accordion and voice
Stephen Doohan, bouzouki
Liam Wagstaff, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, voice

The Royal Sicilian Concert Band

The Creative Team

Director: Philip Parr
Producer: Patricia McBride
Additional dialogue and music: Guy Le Jeune
Musical Director: Fionn Robinson
Stage Manager: Jude Barriscale
An Grianán Technical Manager: Niall Cranney
Production Assistant: Annemarie Langan
Prop/Set Design: Brian Hanlon
Prop/Set Builder: Robert Attewell
Prop Assistants: Jasper Kardos, Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhrigdhe, Wenda Jean Campbell
Costume Designer: Joanne Quigley
Costume Coordinator: Annemarie Kilfeather
Costume Assistants – Deirdre McGinley Ramsay, Dorothy Mottram
Photography: David Faughnan
Marketing: Daithi Ramsay, Nicola Burns
Administrators: Helene McMenamin, Laura Ferry
Catering: Yes Chef Catering, Kealy’s Seafood Bar

Thanks to:
Paul Brown, Edel Corcoran (EAF) Phil Dalton, Brian Vaughan, Ian Mannix, Mohamed Hamouda (Bord Iascaigh Mhara), Gerard Kelly, Paul O’Sullivan (Scenic Lough Foyle Ferry), Richard Gillen (Causeway Coast and Glens), Michael Morgan (DAERA NI), David Donnelly (Donegal County Council), Traolach O’Fionnain (Arts Officer), Charlie Robinson, Martin McKinney (Irish Red Cross), Patricia (Kealy’s Seafood Bar), Susan McAleer (Greencastle Community Centre), Kevin Shields. Michael and Andy (Yes Chef), Charlie McConnalogue TD, Eoin Gillespie, Anne McGowan

Production dedicated to the memory of Matt Marks, composer of Daffodils and Autolycus’ Trio.

Production partners and funders: Shaking the Tale is produced by An Grianán Theatre and Parrabbola as part of Shaking the Walls. Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programmed of the European Union. Additional support comes from Donegal County Council, the Arts Council of Ireland and the Earagail Arts Festival.

Shaking the Tale is part of Shaking the Walls, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The project is led by Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski (Poland), the other partners are Parrabbola (UK), Cooltour Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Ratatam (Iceland). As well as Creative Europe, our co-funders for Shaking the Tale include the Donegal County Council, Arts Council of Ireland and the Earagail Arts Festival.

Inhouse Productions

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 2019

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
in a site specific version devised by the students of An Grianán Youth Theatre from the original novel by Lewis Carroll.
Performed at Glenveagh National Park, Sat 15 June 2019 for Cruinniú na nOg.

Set in the beautiful gardens of Glenveagh Castle, this promenade style show was been devised by youth theatre members with director Nora Kavanagh, and featured many of Lewis Carroll’s memorable characters while incorporating elements from Glenveagh’s history to create a Donegal Wonderland. The three hour long performance featured a mixture of art installations, character walkabouts and live performances.


Chapter 1: Down The Rabbit Hole – at the Car Park/Visitors’ Centre Art (sound Installation & character walkabout)

Chapter 2: The Pool of Tears – in the swimming pool by the Boat House (art installation)

Chapter 3: The Caucus Race and a Long Tale – at the sundial in the Walled garden (1pm performance)

Chapter 4: The Rabbit Sends a Little Bill – The Boat House (art installation)

Chapter 5: Advice From a Caterpillar – at the View Garden (1.30pm performance)

Chapter 6: Pig and Pepper – in the Walled Garden (character walkabout)

Chapter 7: A Mad Tea-Party – in the Pleasure Grounds (performance 2pm)

Chapter 8: The Queen’s Croquet Ground – in the Tuscan Gardens (performance 2.30pm)

Chapter 9: The Mock Turtle’s Story in the Thyme Out Cafe

Chapter 10: Lobster Quadrille – in the courtyard outside the cafe (performance 3pm)

Chapter 11: Who Stole The Tarts? – in the Tuscan garden’s during Queen’s Croquet (character walkabout 2.30pm)

Chapter 12: Alice’s Evidence – in the Italian Terrace (performance 3.30pm)


Iga Blaszyk
Laramie Carey
Ciara Chernick
Elisha Devlin
Inan Ekici
Laura Foy
Kayleigh Gallagher
Jasper Kardos
Niamh Langan
Orla Lloyd
Saoirlaith Lusson
Megan Lynch
Amy McClintock
Patrick McCormack
Karina McGettigan
Mya McLaughlin
Maiya McMonagle
Ellen McMurrow
Angelique Mourier
Lucy Muldoon
Shauna O’Donnell
Jade Ormond
Aaron Quinn
Alanna Sweeney
Erinn Sweeney
Niamh Wilkin
Shannen Wilkin

Production Team

Director: Nora Kavanagh
Dramaturg: Kerri Lammas
Production Manager: Niall Cranney
Set/Prop Design: Robert Attewell
Costume Design: Annemarie Kilfeather
Technical Team: Annemarie Langan, Fergal Lonergan, Nora Kavanagh, Kerri Lammas
Photography/Videography: Nicola Burns, Daithi Ramsay, Emory Ramsay
Programme Design & Illustration: Nicola Burns

Project supported by An Grianán Theatre, Donegal County Library, Donegal County Council and Creative Ireland.

Special thanks to Therese, Sean and all the staff at Glenveagh National Park for their warm and accommodating welcome. Thank you to Donegal County Council for supporting this project and to Grove Furnishings and Studio 2 for assistance with props and costumes.

Inhouse Productions

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The Songbirds, 2019

Valerie Bryce and Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhride in Songbirds

The Songbirds
2019 to present
Written and directed by Guy le Jeune
Cast: Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhridge and Valerie Bryce

The script for ‘The Songbirds’, an innovative piece of theatre developed by An Grianán Theatre, has been informed by interviews involving people living with dementia who participated in an Ulster University research study on reminiscence led by the School of Nursing.

The Songbirds is a play about memory, humanity, love and life. It is also a play that explores the lived experience of people living with dementia and celebrates their lives and stories.

The piece is a two hander, performed by Donegal actors Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhridge and Valerie Bryce, and was written and directed by Guy Le Jeune (Shaking the Tale, Fiesta), whose practice is in the area of reminiscence theatre and theatre from memory.

It has received remarkable audience feedback from student nurses, junior doctors, consultant psychiatrists, secondary school students and from people living with dementia themselves.


“Two brilliant actors presented the paly Songbirds to the members of Dementia NI at Shaftsbury Square, and to be honest, I was totally overwhelmed. Every action mirrored the day to day life of having a family member with dementia. So much of our time is repetition and reminding my husband of things that happen in our lives and the actors portrayed this. It also showed that just take each day as it comes, still try to make memories and above all, laugh and have fun. The writer and everyone involved deserve recognition for the brilliant job they have done and hopefully it cab be televised and put out there as it really can help families. Take plenty of tissues as I am still crying with sadness and laughter, 3 days later.” Linda Marmion

“The Songbirds was absolutely brilliant. I thought it looked really good on the video but live it was terrific. The end of the piece of so moving, everyone loved it.” Eamon Quinn, Director, Engage With Age

Inhouse Productions

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The Experience of Being, 2019

The Experience of Being

Written and performed by Carol Moore

An empowering story of a woman who decides to take back control. It was produced by An Grianán Theatre for a national tour May 2019. A showcase of the production was performed at Prime Cut’s theatre symposium in January 2019 at the Mac Theatre, Belfast. It was first performed as a rehearsed reading at An Grianán in May 2018 as part of the Bealtaine Festival.

On her 60th birthday Cathy should be celebrating but it rapidly goes downhill.

“In the shop they didn’t see me.
They saw a warm cardigan and sensible shoes woman. An insignificant woman.”

The Experience of Being is a funny, absorbing and moving one-woman play about dwindling power, how to challenge it and why ageism makes growing older far harder than it needs to be.

Written and performed by Carol Moore
Directed by Patrick J. O’Reilly
Development choreography by Oona Doherty
Music score by Conor Mitchell
Saxophone – Kevin Lawless
Produced by An Grianán Theatre
Duration: 60 minutes*

Tour Dates 2019

Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda
Tuesday 14 May at 2pm
041 983 3946

Abbey Arts Centre, Ballyshannon
Thursday 16 May at 8pm
071 985 1375

An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny
Friday 17 May at 8pm
074 912 0777

Holy Trinity Parish Hall, Dunfanaghy
Saturday 18 May at 8pm
074 912 0777

Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo
Wednesday 22 May at 1pm
071 916 1518

The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton
Saturday 25 May at 8pm
071 985 5833

Mullingar Arts Centre, Mullingar
Wednesday 29 May at 8pm
044 934 7777

Mermaid Arts Centre, Wicklow
Thursday 30 May at 8pm
01 272 4030

An Táin Arts Centre, Dundalk
Friday 31 May at 8pm
042 933 2332

The Playhouse Theatre, Derry/Londonderry
Saturday 1 June at 8pm
028 7126 8027

More about the show

On reaching 60 in 2016, actor/writer, Carol Moore didn’t see herself reflected in contemporary Irish theatre, nor was she being offered challenging roles for her own age-group. She felt invisible as an older woman and redundant as an older artist.

The Experience of Being:

The play straddles two worlds. One is memory where conflict, religion and power from many sources limited the choices of girls and young women growing up in Belfast, while in the present Carol is holding up a mirror up to society’s obsession with youthfulness and where power can so easily be stripped from older citizens. The play examines power and gender stereotyping, age myths and the challenges of ageing facing us all.

It is an original, funny and absorbing interdisciplinary production which uses text/physicality/music to tell a powerful story that connects and resonates with a 50+ age-group but also engages with audiences across all age-groups.

Supporting Carol is a critically acclaimed creative team. Director, Patrick J. O’Reilly, is Artistic Director of Tinderbox Theatre Company, composer Conor Mitchell is Artistic Director of music/theatre company, Belfast Ensemble, choreographer, Oona Doherty, is an internationally acclaimed dancer/choreographer and saxophonist while Kevin Lawless is a highly skilled Irish musician.

About Carol Moore

Carol Moore, writer and performer of The Experience of Being

Carol Moore has maintained a freelance career across four decades in acting, theatre directing, film directing and drama facilitation.

Carol was co-founder/co-Artistic Director of Charabanc Theatre Company 1983 –’95, their adoption of research and oral interviewing, taking people’s life-experiences and transforming those into theatrical experiences, then delivering it back in non-traditional theatre venues was ground-breaking in reaching new audiences. Charabanc brought Northern Ireland to the attention of international academics and gained both a national/international reputation.

Carol’s acting career includes work with many leading Northern Irish companies including Charabanc, the Lyric, Tinderbox, Brassneck and Kabosh as well as international touring to North America, the former Soviet Union, Germany, South Africa and Rwanda.

Carol has directed a number of plays including at the Lyric Theatre in the early 1990’s and was one of a number of directors on Convictions (Tinderbox) which won ‘Best Production’ at the Irish Times Awards, 2000.

As a writer her work includes a book about Charabanc Theatre company, a monologue about the first Irish women trade unionist Mary Galway, Shrieking Sisters with Maggie Cronin and one-woman play The Experience of Being (previously titled Dangerous Female).

As a filmmaker she won ‘Best First Time Director’ at Celtic Film Festival,1997, for Gort na gCnámh, History Unfinished, was Northern Ireland regional winner of BAFTA 60 sec film competition (2007) and feature film Pumpgirl (2008). She received a NESTA fellowship (2003 –

2005) making a series of documentary films around cultural diversity, which screened at International festivals. She received a Best Actress nominaton in Reefer and the Model at the European film Awards, 1989.

Carol was a Creative Consultant for arts/heritage organisation Red Lead Arts (2003/6) curating Belfast as it Used to Be and directingThe Iceberg and The Liverpool Boat.

This production of The Experience of Being was supported by the UK National Lottery and Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Arts and Business NI, Arts Council of Ireland, Donegal County Council. 

Inhouse Productions

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Pinocchio, 2018

An Grianán Theatre's Pinocchio 2018. Photo by Paul McGuckin.

December 2018
Featuring a cast of young actors (ranging from 12 to 21 years of age), our updated version of Pinocchio was set in a school with lots of colourful characters including magical mermaids, dancing crickets, Geppetto the woodwork teacher, the Blue Fairy and the not very nice Fox and Cat, the school prefects.
Written by Guy Le Jeune

Directed by Nora Kavanagh


Pinocchio – Aoife Doherty
Geppetto – Jasper Lee Kardos
Buddy – Lauren Kelly
Blue Fairy – Caitlin James
Fox – Bridget Salaja
Cat – Connor Mangan
Stromboli – Blathnaid Gallagher


Aoife Breslin
Alice O’Connor
Clodagh McGinley


Jamie Spratt
Iga Blasyk
Frankie Wade
Ellie Moore


Orla Lloyd
Adithi Vijayakumar
Riona McFadden
Clodagh Friel

Goon – Amy Doherty


Directed by Nora Kavanagh
Adapted by Guy le Jeune
Production manager & lighting design – Niall Cranney
Technician – Peter Rose
Stage Managers – Louise Conaghan, Jude Barriscale
Set Design & Construction – Robert Attewell
Costume Design – Anne-marie Kilfeather
Make-up – Candice Devine
Marketing – Nicola Burns, Daithi Ramsay
Production Photography – Paul McGuckin

Inhouse Productions

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Manny Man Does the History of Ireland on Stage, 2018

John D Ruddy and Louise Conaghan in An Grianán Theatre's Manny Man Does the History of Ireland, July 2018. Photo by Paul McGuckin. All rights reserved.
Manny Man Does The History of Ireland On Stage
Based on the successful YouTube video and Book by John D Ruddy

An Grianán Theatre
Thur 19 & Fri 20 July 2018

The Village Green, Malin
Sat 21 & Sun 22 July 2018

First performed as a rehearsed reading in October 2017, Manny Man Does the History of Ireland on Stage premiered at An Grianán Theatre as part of the Earagail Arts Festival in July 2018. We also did a national tour in Spring 2019.

Manny Man the stage show brings history to life with the same clarity and hilarity as the videos that have amassed millions of views around the world.

Did the Celts really fight naked? What was the Norman Invasion, and were they all called Norman? From the Ice Age up to the present day, through the Vikings and Tudors, British rule and the fight for independence, Manny Man covers it all – with tongue in cheek, of course.

This high energy show guides the audience through thousands of years of Irish history, from the Ice Age to the present day, with the same tongue in cheek humour that Manny Man is know for.


Syn: John D Ruddy
Oppy: Louise Conaghan
Produced by: Patricia McBride for An Grianan Theatre Productions
Written By: John D Ruddy
Directed by: Rachael Devir
Production Manager: Niall Cranney
Lighting Design: Niall Cranney
Sound Design: Peter Rose
Stage Manager: Jude Barriscale
Costumes: Anne-Marie Kilfeather
Set Layout: Devised by Company based on the Manny Man Drawings of John D Ruddy.
Scenic Artist: Robert Attewell
Set Painters: Tegann Cranney, Jude Barriscale, AnneMarie Kilfeather, Tanya McLaughlin, John D Ruddy.
Publicity Design & Marketing: Nicola Burns
Production Photos: Paul McGuckin

Tour Dates 2019

Tuesday 5 & Wed 6 February at 11am
Fri 8 February at 8pm
An Grianán Theatre

Sat 9 February at 8pm
Alley Theatre
028 7138 4444

Tues 12 February at 11am
Watergate Theatre
056 776 1674

Wed 13 February at 8pm
Riverside Theatre
028 7012 3123

Saturday 16 February at 2.30pm
061 953 400

Thur 28 February at 8pm and Fri 1 March at 10am
Mullingar Arts Centre
044 934 7777

Sat 2 March at 8pm
Amharclann Ghaoth Dobhair
074 953 2687

Tues 5 March at 11am
Backstage Theatre
043 3347888

Thur 7 March at 8pm
The Playhouse
028 7126 8027

Fri 8 March at 7pm
The Market Place Theatre
028 3752 1821

Sat 9 March at 8pm
Balor Arts Centre
074 913 1840

Tues 12 March at 7pm & Wed 13 March at 10am
Dunamaise Arts Centre
057 866 3355

Fri 15 March at 10am, 12pm, 7pm
Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge
045 448 327

Sat 16 March at 3pm
Wexford Arts Centre
053 912 3764

Sun 17 March at 12.30pm
065 684 3103

Inhouse Productions

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The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, 2018

Alanna Sweeney and Laura Foy in An Grianan Youth Theatre's The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. April 2018. Photo by Paul McGuckin. All rights reserved.

An Grianán Youth Theatre followed up their well received production of Blackadder Goes Forth with this thrilling and funny adaptation of Joan Aiken’s classic children’s novel, perfectly suited for family audiences.

Performance dates: 12 & 13 April 2018

Written By Joan Aiken
Adapted by Russ Tunney
Directed by Nora Kavanagh

On the face of it things are looking up for impoverished orphan Sylvia. She’s just been invited to go and live with her rich cousin Bonnie at the family’s ancestral home at Willoughby Chase. However the dastardly Miss Slighcarp, newly installed as the girls’ governess, plans to make Willoughby Chase her own and hatches a wicked plan to get rid of the two girls. Together with their friend Simon the girls set off on a wild adventure across a wintry England as they battle to outwit Slighcarp and her evil henchman Grimshaw and reclaim Willoughby Chase.

Originally written as a spoof of the Victorian Gothic adventures that Joan Aiken read as a child, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is a funny and exciting adventure story set in Aiken’s alternative version of 19th century England, where wolves roam the land. It’s full of larger than life Dickensian villains, mysterious plot twists and as ever with the best young adult stories, brave and resourceful children.


Jasper Lee Kardos – James/Simon

Alanna Sweeney – Bonnie

Shannen Wilkin – Miss Slighcarp

Laura Foy – Sylvia

Adam Boyle – Mr Grimshaw/Abednego Gripe/Mrs Brisket

Fergal Lonergan – Sir Willoughby/Doctor Field/Dr Morne/Mr Wilderness/Storyteller

Tadhg Brennan – Wolf/Chorus/Guard

Ryan Cunningham – Wolf/Chorus

Maeve Foley – Wolf/Chorus/Emma/Aunt Jane

Kayleigh Gallagher Kenny – Wolf/Chorus

Praise Adetuyi – Wolf/Chorus

Niamh Langan – Wolf/Chorus

Christopher Kilmartin  – Wolf/Chorus

Paul Gillespie – Musical Director/Cellist


Production Team

Amy McClintock – Production Assistant

Oscar Murtagh – Production Assistant

Eoin O’Donnell – Production Assistant

Nora Kavanagh – Director

Niall Cranney – Production Manager/Lighting Designer

Tanya McLaughlin – Stage Manager

Jude Barriscale – Assistant Stage Manager

Pete Rose – Sound Technician

Anne-Marie Kilfeather – Costume

Robert Attewell – Set/Prop Designer

Jacob Stack: Poster Illustration

Nicola Burns: Graphic Design

Paul McGuckin: Production Photography

Inhouse Productions

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The Nutcracker, 2017

Tadhg Quigley-Brennan in An Grianán Theatre & ZoNa Dance Co's co-production of The Nutcracker, 2017. Photo by Paul McGuckin. All rights reserved.

The Nutcracker
An Grianán Theatre in association with ZoNa Dance Co

A youth led production of the magical Christmas tale which added drama and dialogue while retaining all of the ballet version’s most famous dances.

12 to 16 December 2017

Adapted by Guy Le Jeune from the folk tales of ETA Hoffman and Alexandre Dumas and directed by choreographer Jessica Peoples of ZoNa Dance Company.

Our Nutcracker story is set in Donegal where we meet Cara at her home on Christmas Eve surrounded by her family and friends. When the Old Widow Lynch arrives with Christmas presents, Cara is presented with a toy Nutcracker and soon finds out what magic is held within it.

Cara teams up with Prince Otto the Nutcracker and plays a part in the winning of the battle of the Nutcracker’s Nemesis; Mousy Tongue and his army. Prince Otto takes her on a journey to get supplies from Sugar Loaf Mountain in the Kingdom of Sweets where she has adventures through many different lands. Our tale concludes as she helps Prince Otto bbring back supplies to put the gingerbread army back together.

Acting Cast

Aunt Alexandra – Maeve Foley
Molly – Keira Keogh
Ellie – Baily May Walsh
Lauren – Rachael McDaid
Cormack – Eoin McGovern
Dr. Patrick O’Brien – Martin Ward
Mrs. Kathleen O’Brien – Alanna Sweeney
Cara O’Brien – Clodagh Friel
Finn O’Brien – Ethan Barron
Mr. Michael Fitzgerald – Caitlin James
Mrs. Hannah Fitzgerald – Siofra Harvey
Aoibhe Fitzgerald – Ruth Macinnes
Leo Fitzgerald – Stevie Sheridan
Old Widow Lynch – Michaela Corolan
Prince Otto – Jasper Kardos
Nutcracker’s Soldier – Chloe Murray
Nutcracker’s Soldier – Daniella Kernan
Nutcracker’s Soldier – Angelique Mourier
Nutcracker’s Soldier – Jennifer Gallagher
Mousey Tongue – Aoife Doherty
Sergeant Major – Wesley O’Muireádhaigh
Baselton – Kacey Diver
Morella – Aimee Devenny
Buttons – Evie Sandilands
Mouse King – Maia Casey
Officer Snowflake – Jessica Keys
Chief Snowflake – Sarah King
Russian Dancers – Tadhg Quigley-Brennan
Miner – Rebecca Gallagher

Dance Cast

Cara’s Dream – Catherine Farrelly, Amy McDevitt, Maeve O’Brien

Sugar Plum Fairy – Rebecca Hone, Georgia Keys, Cáit McGarvey

Cavalier – Tadhg Quigley-Brennan

Dancing Dolls – Niamh Duffy, Alice Gavigan, Tadhg Quigley-Brennan, Ríannan Mottram, Maeve O’Brien

Children’s March,The Battle & Waltz of the Snowflakes – Aideen Boland, Niamh Duffy, Ella Dunne, Kate Fabisiak, Alice Gavigan, Jessica Hone, Kiera Keogh, Jessica Keys, Sarah King, Cara Loughridge, Eva Loughridge, Shauna McBride, Lily McHugh, Grace Muirhead, Máchá Rodgers, Emer Tinney, Cerys Thompson

Spanish Dance – Catherine Farrelly, Rebecca Hone, Caitlin James, Georgia Keys, Hannah MacGinty, Maeve O’Brien, Amy McDevitt, Mia McGarrigle, Cáit McGarvey, Ríannan Mottram, Sarah Sweeney

Arabian Dance – Catherine Farrelly, Amy McDevitt, Ríannan Mottram

Chinese Dance – Alice Gavigan, Jessica Hone, Jessica Keys, Sarah King, Cerys Thompson, Aideen Boland, Cara Loughridge, Ella Dunne, Emer Tinney, Grace Muirhead, Lily McHugh, Niamh Duffy, Shauna McBride

Waltz of the Flowers – Niamh Duffy, Catherine Farrelly, Alice Gavigan, Rebecca Hone, Caitlin James, Georgia Keys, Hannah MacGinty, Maeve O’Brien, Amy McDevitt, Mia McGarrigle, Cáit McGarvey, Ríannan Mottram, Jessica Peoples, Sarah Sweeney

Rose Princess – Hannah MacGinty, Amy McDevitt, Maeve O’Brien

Russian Dance – Tadhg Quigley-Brennan, Kate Fabisiak, Kiera Keogh, Eva Loughridge, Hannah MacGinty, Mia McGarrigle, Máchá Rodgers,

Reed Flutes – Catherine Farrelly, Rebecca Hone, Caitlin James, Georgia Keys, Hannah MacGinty, Maeve O’Brien, Amy McDevitt, Mia McGarrigle, Cáit McGarvey, Ríannan Mottram, Sarah Sweeney

Production Team

Producer – Patricia McBride
Director – Jessica Peoples
Assistant Director – Louise Conaghan
Story Adaptation – Guy Le Juene
Music – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, London Symphony Orchestra, 1995
Choreography – Jessica Peoples, Diarmaid O’Meara, Ero Tsampazi, Georgia Keys, Eileen McClory
Technical Manager – Niall Cranney
Sound Manager – Peter Rose
Stage Manager – Louise Conaghan, Jude Barriscale, Tanya McLauglin
Set Design – Robert Attwell
Costume Design – Dorothy Mottram & Ann Marie Kilfeather
Marketing & Graphics – Nicola Burns
Production photography – Paul McGuckin

Inhouse Productions

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