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8pm €15/€12 €1 per ticket

Thu 7 to Sat 9 March

Letterkenny Music and Drama Group

In this very funny farce we join Sid Gillespie, a widowed bachelor who desperately wants the hand in marriage of his lady friend, Stella Morley, much to the dismay of her daughter, Vanessa and his cleaner Mrs Jamieson. Stella accepts Sid’s proposal on one condition – that he ensures his two sons, Mervyn and Robin along with his Dahlia loving brother-in-law, Fred move out of the house.

In agreement, Sid contacts the current love interests of all three men in an attempt to marry them off. Sassy Babs, Helga the German fitness fanatic and Fred’s childhood sweetheart, the not so shrinking Violet provide the opportunity for a variety of things to go wrong. On meeting each of them, they take a certain shine to Sid which develops hilariously as they play unfolds!