Mother Loss

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The story begins in Donegal in 1729

Dark Daughter Productions

Written and directed by Maura Logue

With actors Margaret Kilcoyne, Claire Falconer and Maura Logue

What if the three Wollstonecraft women – Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughters Mary Shelley and Fanny Imlay – met in a place beyond time and earthly bounds? What would they talk about?

Mother Loss imagines a reunion of these three extraordinary women – Mary Wollstonecraft, pioneering British writer and feminist, whose A Vindication of the Rights of Women made the outrageous claim for the time that women were not naturally inferior to men, but only appeared so through being denied access to education. Her daughters Mary Shelly, author of the classic Gothic horror story Frankenstein, and Fanny Imlay, the illegitimate and younger of the two, who took her own life at age 22 in 1816, each have their own dark histories exposed in this family gathering.

The losses and the hardships these women endured in their private lives, with stoic and singular resolve, in a time of inequality and bondage, are explored in this intimate new play.

In association with Donegal County Council

  • Category: Drama
  • Date: Wednesday 17 May 2017
  • Time: 8pm
  • Tickets: €15/€12
  • Running time: 75 mins

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