Show Time Ticket Price
8pm €22.50

Mary Coughlan and her band present her new show Live & Kicking – a celebration of Mary’s 30 plus years in the music business.

Mary Coughlan’s music career has been a roller coaster and this Live & Kicking concert will reflect that, featuring all the songs that are close to Mary’s heart and life.

“Mary’s live performances must be seen to be believed” New Music Express

Often described as the greatest female vocalist and interpreter of songs that Ireland has ever produced, Mary proudly stands alongside those iconic giants of jazz – Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf. She is the only singer these shores have produced to rival the greatest of European cabaret and American jazz club blues because of one thing: her incredible voice.

Mary is unique in blending the whisky-blurred husky notes and laconic wit of Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee, the sardonic, bitter-sweet defiance and despair of Edith Piaf, not to mention that line of deep down dirty blues that goes all the way back to Memphis Minnie and Bessie Smith.

“Ireland has never produced a singer quite like Mary Coughlan” The Irish Times

And Mary Coughlan delivers it all in a delicious and unapologetic Irish drawl, sceptical, rueful, mournful and melting, ardent for love, all in one voice which wraps itself around Cole Porter and Jerome Kern, Elvis Presley and Joy Division.

Mary is our greatest female singer because over twenty-five years and ten albums she’s made the most grown-up, uncompromising, wholly personal and utterly universal music on either side of the Atlantic about what goes on between men and women. She has taken the classic standards of jazz balladry and the recent gems of rock and Irish song-writing, shaken them and offered them up anew. She sings in the voice of the wrong and wronged woman and she makes us think what it is men make of women and what women have to do to make do.

“Her talent is awesome” The London Observer

She has just one other forebear in the pretty pallid parade of female pop artists, just one other woman whose bruised, haunted voice could find and enjoy the inconsolable longing and loss in a three minute pop song: Dusty Springfield.

“A song is not complete unless it is sung by Mary Coughlan” Melody Maker