International Aerial Circus Doublebill

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A wonderful opportunity to see some international aerial circus shows – one from the Netherlands and another from Costa Rica.

Danzaire Aerial Dance (Costa Rica)

Flashback by Danzaire Aerial Dance Company (Costa Rica)

Flashback is an aerial dance piece about an angel falling to earth and experiencing human feelings, emotions and memories.

Above: Maartje Fijen and Saar Rombout performing together at the 2014 Irish Aerial Dance Fest at An Grianán.

Hand in Hand by Maartje Fijen and Saar Rombout (Netherlands).

A dancer and a circus artist meet. Together they try to dance in the air and float over the floor, but that is not always easy. Can they trust each other? In passing they discover new possibilities.

Part of the Irish Aerial Dance Fest

  • Category: Dance / Family / Highlights
  • Date: Saturday 3 June 2017
  • Time: 7.30pm

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Dance at An Grianán