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8pm €16/€14 €1 per ticket

Schools matinee at 11am. Tickets €9 plus €1 booking fee. No charge for teachers/snas. Call the box office on 0749120777 to book. Suitable for TY, Senior Cycle students.

Doireann is here and she wants to check
“Is that working properly?”
She’s going to be doing a couple of songs, a couple of poems and maybe a few stories.
“Is this working?”
She’s after finding a load of tapes.
It’s like a DJ set.
You might dance if you want to.
You might not.
You might be here and then there.
Things will appear and then disappear
But you won’t be afraid.

It’s a duet with her brother.
He’s not here. She’s here. You’re here.
Thanks very much for being here.

It’s a duet with her brother.
He’s not here.
He is dead.

Doireann Coady is back again to stage the unstageable, to speak to the silence and to dance where there is no light.

“I’m Not Here delivers the most compelling case for suicide prevention. The pain, the anger, the hatred, the love, the guilt, the futile fantasies are harrowing to witness. (…) Doireann Coady delivers one of the bravest, rawest, emotionally exhausting performances you’re ever likely to see”. – 4 stars, The Arts Review

Doireann Coady is a performer, theatre director and stage designer. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin where she studied Drama and Theatre Studies. In 2008 she co-founded THEATREclub where her roles have varied from design (HISTORY, HEROIN, and THE FAMILY), direction (THEATREclub stole your CLOCK RADIO what the F**K you gonna do about it?, TWENTY TEN), conception and performance. Most recently she performed in IT’S NOT OVER at the Dublin Theatre Festival 2016.

THEATREclub is a Dublin-based theatre collective founded in late 2008. Its members are Gemma Collins, Grace Dyas, Barry O’Connor, Eoin Winning, Shane Byrne, Doireann Coady. They are committed to an egalitarian process of making and collaborate with a broad spectrum of people, from everyday experts to government ministers, from musicians to visual artists. They have produced 18 new works in the last six years (incl. The Family, HEROIN, HISTORY, The Game, It’s Not Over, Theatre Machine Turns You On). They have toured nationally and internationally. They are PROJECT ARTISTS, an initiative of Project Arts Centre.

“It is a slow burning show that becomes emotionally explosive through Coady’s excellent performance and the use audio recordings from her past”. – 4.5 stars, The Reviews Hub